Manticore - Beast of Legend

Manticore Dead


The Manticore is a very powerful boss that only appears on epic and legendary. You encounter it in the Sandswept Cave on the east of the Fayum Desert. This monster has a plenty of ways to kill you, and extreme caution is required to survive this fight.

When the manticore dies, his bones appears.


The Manticore has plenty of powerful attacks.

  • Lightning Breath: Deals tons of Lightning damage and is likely to one-shot unprepared characters.
  • Pounce: The Manticore jumps pretty quickly in front of him and does an incredible amount of physical and poison damages.
  • Poison Quills: The Manticore throws many spikes that deals physical and lots of poison damage. The quills are not really fast and can be easily dodged at a fair distance.


Important resistances:

  • Lightning
  • Poison

Even with lightning resistance at 60-80%, the lightning breath will still deal a lot of damage to you. Just try to avoid it, and run away if it hits you. The pounce is almost guaranteed to kill you in one hit. You could max out poison resistance if you want, but it will not make too much difference. When you see the Manticore rearing back, run in exactly the opposite direction from its mouth, as the pounce actually has an area of effect! The darts deals poison damage, so 50% poison resistance will help.

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