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Maenad (μαινάδες, from Ancient Greek μαινάς - raving, excited, exulted) is a cat-like beastman creatures encountered in Greece (Act I). They usually have a blue-purplish skin and move with high speed, but have relatively low health.


  • Vanguard. Probably most weakest of Maenads. Archer with low damage and no special skills. Recommended Resistances: PhysicalResistance.png Physical, PierceResistance.png Piercing, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Scout. A variant of Vanguard. They use Bow and Arrows as their main weapon. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Tracker. Ranged fighter which throw knives or other throwable weapons at enemies. Have high attack speed, but thats all. Low damage and no special skills. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Stalker. Spear wielders with the Rogue's EnvenomWeapon.png Envenom Weapon skill with Nightshade.png Nightshade modifier, they can be very dangerous at low poison resistance levels. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing, Poison.png Poison.
  • Rogue (Champion). Sword wielders with Rogue's CalculatedStrike.png Calculated Strike skill. Hits pretty hard. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing.
  • Shadowblade (Champion). More powerful version of the Rogue with Calculated Strike and LethalStrike.png Lethal Strike skills. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing.
  • Huntress (Champion). Archers with the Rogue's LayTrap.png Lay Trap skill. Also they have Gouge.png Gouge passive skill, which futher increases their already solid damage. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing, Chance to Avoid Projectiles, BleedingResistance.png Bleeding.
  • Alchemist. Weaker sorceresses, they rely mostly on their powerful poison but can also use lightning strikes. They usually use their PoisonGasBomb.png Poison Gas Bomb, when you are far from them, which explodes and emits deadly poison and pierce damage. Recommended Resistances: Poison, LightningResistance.png Lightning.
  • Sorceress (Champion): More dangerous than the alchemists, as students of storm, Sorceresses can call down lightning bolts that can sometimes instantly kill. Also they always have StormNimbus.png Storm Nimbus skill activated, which adds bonus Lightning Damage to all attacks they make. High amount of lightning resistance is recommended. Storm Nimbus also deflects ranged projectile attacks, including spells, passing through it. Recommended Resistances: Lightning.



High Warden Eriphe
High Warden Theope
Inonia Strongheart
Lysia Spellbreaker
Medierra, Mistress of the Blade
Melictaina the Nightprowler
Myrto Brighteye
Nenea Sharpclaw
Nymea Swiftshot


  • In Greek mythology, maenads were the female followers of Dionysus and the most significant members of the Thiasus, the god's retinue. Their name literally translates as "raving ones". Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy through a combination of dancing and intoxication.
  • If one zoomes in the camera and pauses the game at the right moment, it's possible to see that the Trackers throw their knives with the handle forward, not the blade. Looks like they are still getting used to their new weapon after the Ragnarök expansion.