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In Greek mythology, Machae (μάχαι, from Greek μάχης — a fight, combat) are spirits of battle and combat. In Titan Quest they definitely live up to that name. They are Demons, but are rather humanoid and seem to speak in a strange language.


  • Archer. They are one the most common type of Machaes. They use a Bow, shoot quckly and deal medium piercing damage.
  • Scout. The most common type of Machae, they wield one-handed weapons.
  • Guard. Normal soldier type.
  • Master Archer. They have high attack speed and use bow.
  • Grandmaster Archer. They are the deadliest rangers, wearing light armor and a bow, enchanted with Poison. If there are two and three of them in one group, one will probably die. Deals Pierce, Bleeding and Poison damage.
  • Sentinel. Melee fighter.
  • Warden. They charge at hero. They wield a Shield and a Spear.
  • High Warden. A more powerful version of the Warden.


Envoy Kor-Lhrut - Machae Hero (boss monster of the side quest An Inside Source)
boss monsters of the side quest Hades' Generals:
Dysnomion - Machae High General
Trophonios - Machae High General
Makaria - Machae High General


Sentinel Kar-Nahk ~ Machae Hero
Warlord Aorg ~ Machae Hero
Sentinel Nok-hai, Guardian of the Necklace - Machae Hero

Machae heroes are very tough. They tend to have an impressive arsenal of special attacks and do not go down easily. If you see one, try not to get a lot of Machae soldiers into the fight when battling the heroes. Four of them are part of secondary quests.


As an overall strategy against all Machae, forms of crowd control and large radius attacks are very useful. Machae tend to attack in packs and are among the fastest monsters in the game, so they will surround the player in no time. Most Machae are able to be killed quickly, but some, such as wardens and the heroes, are tougher.

More strategies (thanks to Gasconron and The Fallen One): Use a peek-a-boo style of approach. Since most machae mobs are spread out, approach a mob (sometimes you will have to get in deep to get as much critters as possible) and immediately retreat. This will cause the agroed mob to kite after you and cluster in a bunch when you stop. You will want to "cluster" them in an area where the line of site of archers are blocked (preferably behind a pillar, or a "door-type" opening ).

All masteries have useful skills against them: