Lyktos is the Telkine at the conclusion of Act VI of Titan Quest, Atlantis. It is the fourth Telkine in the game, chronologically, and is located at the end of the Atlantis Ascent. When he reaches low enough HP, he becomes an untargetable ghost and summons copies of himself making him even more dangerous.


Chaos Power

  • 299 Lightning Damage


  • Lightning Damage
  • Reduction to Health
  • 2 Seconds of Petrify
  • Stun length scales with Difficulty
  • 6 second recharge

Spectral Energy Nexus

  • High Lightning Damage

Lay Trap

  • Physical Damage
  • Skill Disruption
  • Poison Damage
  • Chance to Fumble Attacks, Chance of Impaired Aim
  • 50% Pierce Ratio

Summon Clone

  • This ability summons a ghost Lyktos that can dish out and receive attacks. It has much less HP than the real Lyktos and does not use the same abilities, just the basic attack. When Lyktos reaches low enough HP, he will summon these clones, if they were not already present. Then, he will become untargetable until the clones are killed.


  • 15% Cold Resistance
  • 15% Fire Resistance
  • 100% Reduced Freeze Duration
  • 10% Vitality Damage Resistance
  • 15% Lightning Resistance
  • 5% Physical Resistance
  • 10% Pierce Resistance
  • 80% Stun Resistance
  • 100% Reduced Entrapment Duration


  • Lightning Resistance covers most of their strongest attacks.
  • If they lay a trap, destroy it or move elsewhere on the large battlefield.
  • Be ready for the second phase!

It has a second form, the Omega Telkine, into which it transforms when its HP reaches 0.

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