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Caric Half-Troll, Beekeeper

This is a Side Quest from The North (Act V). The beekeeper in the Weser Uplands would like you to check on his beehives and bring back some honey. But watch out for honey-loving bears!


  1. Head northeast from the Glauberg Portal in The North (Act V), into the Weser Uplands. Talk to Carig Half-Troll the Beekeeper to start the quest. He sits on a bench next to the road.
  2. Follow the quest symbol on the radar. There are indeed two bears plundering some bee hives northeast of Caric. Click on the bee hive they have destroyed to collect a Honeycomb.
  3. Return it to Carig.


  • Experience: 20k / 50k / 140k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Leggings