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Limos ~ Life Eater encountered in Greece.

Limos are demon monsters encountered in various regions in Greece (Act I), on Mount Olympus and in Hades (Act IV). They usually come in pairs and are often found within groups of Eurynomus. Limos can drop the Demon's Blood monster charm.

Limos can be tough especially for unexperienced and unprepared, as they move fast and have a powerful life leech attack, which quickly replenishes their health and also reduces hero's movement speed for leech duration, which can pose threat considering surrounding enemies. They also have moderate resistance to vitality damage and basic resistances to elemental attacks (cold, lightning, fire).

On the other hand Limos have only moderate health - quickly dealing much damage (using quick melee attacks, powerful spells, pets) usually helps to overcome their regenerating abilities. They are also very susceptible to poison attacks and all kinds of disabling effects (like stun, freeze, slow down, ensnare). To reduce the effect of the life leech attack, equip items with vitality/life leech resistance.


  • Limos - Life Eaters are first encountered in the ruins at Old Eleusis, outside Megara in the Kerata Forest.
  • Ancient Limos - Soul Stealer
  • Ancient Limos - Life Eater
  • Arch-Limos - Frost Warden
  • Arch-Limos - Flame Warden


Special Encounters

  • In the side quest Trapped in the Ruins, given by a Spartan captain before arriving in the City of Athens, Greece (Act I), you will have to fight an Ancient Limos ~ Life Eater, which is a stronger version using an additional poison bomb attack. However, it's movement radius is very limited and if everything else fails, he can be taken out relatively safe using a ranged weapon (bow, staff) and hit & run tactics.
  • The first Telkine, Megalesios, occasionally summons two Limos to replenish his own life. They are however weaker than what they are when usually encountered.