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Laconia Hills is a region in early Greece (Act I), leading from Laconia Woods in the south-west to Spartan Road in the north-west.


Points of Interest

Satyr Camps

There are two Satyr encampments in this region. Both located on a hills, which stands on both sides of the main road. Western one is a twice bigger, than eastern.

Harpies gladly will eat you and your horse. And cow probably too.

Harpies Feeding Ground

To the west from passage to the Laconia Woods and also near Natural Cave you can find many bleached human and animal bones. Most likely this is remains of Harpies victims. Said Harpies lurkes nearby.

Natural Cave

The cave is inhabited by small demons called Eurynomus and by Cave Bats. There is also sometimes a shrine at the cave entrance. Also here you will find Pandarus, Eurynomus quest boss.

Theages smashed cart

In the eastern area, just near the road, you will meet a man named Theages, standing next to his broken cart. He will give you the fourth side quest, The Lost Dowry.

Parmenides Camp

Near the bridge to the north-east you will also meet a wayfarer named Parmenides, who will give you some information on the Spartan War-camp ahead.


  • Theages - Spartan Peasant can be found in the eastern area of the region. He will give the side quest The Lost Dowry and returning the Dowry Necklace to him completes it.
    • I know it's dangerous here, but I can't go home. My daughter was supposed to be married. Alas, her dowry, a fine gold necklace, is in the claws of crazed demons who smashed my cart and ran off.
    • It was dark. The monsters seized my mount, with the bags on its back, and dragged it off the road. They couldn't have gone far.
    • I would go after the beasts myself, but what can I do? I'm no warlike Spartan.
    • I'm no rich man. That necklace was all I had to give.
    • How can I go home? What would I tell my daughter?
    • How can I get back the dowry? How could I return home without it?
    • After necklace was returned:
    • The necklace! Oh, may the goddess Hera bless you!
    • My daughter will have her dowry now, thanks to you. We'll start preparations and in three days - the wedding! Bless you, stranger.
    • I wonder, if these strange beasts do not go away, how many weddings will we have? How many will be ruined?
    • Parmenides

      Thank you! Thank you.
  • Parmenides - Wayfarer stands next to the northern Rebirth Fountain and gives some information on the Spartan war-camp ahead.
    • The Spartan army. Yes, you'll find them just up the road. They've built a war-camp there.
    • You'll find General Leonidas there.
    • I said, if you go down this road you can't miss them.
    • If the camp hasn't moved on, you'll have no trouble finding it.
    • Do you think General Leonidas will speak to you, then?
    • Just go down the road here. Go on!
    • After reaching Spartan War-Camp
    • Found them, eh? How are they faring against the beast?
    • I wish i knew where all these satyrs and centaurs came from. Spartans will handle them, though. If anyone can.


  • Satyr ( Beastman ): Scout, Veteran Skirmisher, Warrior, Veteran Warrior, Peltast, Veteran Peltast, Elite Peltast, Boar Rider ( Champion ), Fire Magi ( Champion ), Guardian ( Champion )
    • Brute ( Quest Boss, Champion ). Spawns only when Medicines Waylaid quest is active. Accompanied by the group of Satyr Scouts ( Unlike Brute, they will always spawn, even without a quest ).
  • Brush Harpy ( Beast ): Hag, Crone, Witch
  • Carrion Crow ( Beast )
  • Ravenous Boar ( Beast )

Inside Natural Cave:

  • Eurynomus ( Demon ): Bonepicker
    • Pandarus - Thieving Eurynomus ( Quest Boss, Champion )
  • Cave Bat ( Beast )

In Real Life

Laconia (and the rest of Greece for that matter) are very mountainous. The term "Balkan" is actually Turkish for "Mountain". And Laconia is no exception. With the main mountain range being the Taygetus range. Unlike in the game however, the hills today are where most of the remaining Laconian woods are and as such one in the same, compared to the rather treeless area in game.[Greec

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