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Forest lying on the outskirts of City of Megara and Old Eleusis.



  • Broken Bridge

    Derdas - Laborer: Says a Cyclops knocked down the bridge, and directs you to a different bridge.
    • It was a fierce battle, beasts and men, you understand. Then a giant Cyclops, growling and bellowing, came and smashed the bridge! We're working hard, but it will be days yet before the road to Athens is clear.
    • You should've seen it, three swipes of its cudgel and the bridge went tumbling!
    • You'll be able to cross after we've done repairing the bridge. A few days now.
    • The bridge isn't repaired yet. You'll just have to go somewhere else!


  • Carrion Crow and Plague Bird ( Beast )
  • Rock Harpy ( Beast ): Crone, Hag, Witch ( Champion )
  • Arachnos ( Insectoid ): Drone, Veteran Soldier, Elite Soldier, Runeweaver, Spellweaver, Deathspinner ( Champion )
  • Spider ( Insectoid ): Web Crawler, Cavern Crawler, Orbed Weaver ( Champion )
  • Exhumed Dead Skeleton ( Undead ): Soldier, Archer, Captain ( Champion ), Frost Liche ( Champion )
  • Festering Zombie ( Undead )


  • Kerata refers to the southernmost tip of the highland separating Megaris to the west from Attica to the east. It means 'the Horns' because of the two heights forming a promontory into the western part of Eleusis' Bay. On this map, the Kerata should be the southernmost ridge. Now in game, as distorted as the geography is, this region could be regarded as featuring the whole forested highland, nowadays called Mount Pateras, and thought to be ancient Mount Icarus, joining Megara to the SW, Athens to the SE, and Coast of Halcyon to the NW.

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