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Karkinos (from Greek καρκίνος — cancer) are crabs encountered in early Act IV. They can be found in beaches, swamps and marshes. They often appear from under the ground around bone piles.

Karkinos is the only monster type that can drop the Spiny Shell monster charm.


  • Unnamed Regular variant. A common variant with brown/rust-cloured carapace that is first met in Coastal Asomata and can also be found in Damatria past the Cave of Orthea. This variant also includes the specimen with moss green-coloured carapace that inhabit Soronis.
  • Pale. A Karkinos with pale dark blue/grey-coloured carapace that is met in later stages of Act IV, for example, in Stygian Marsh.


  • Normal. Small crabs. Their attacks are not much damaging, but are fast.
  • Sand Runner. A small crab, spawns in small groups.
  • Mud Runner.
  • Razor Claw. A bigger crab that is usually spawns alone or in pair and accompanied by Sand Runners.
  • Wave Crasher/Dark Claw. Bigger crabs. Their attacks hurt a lot.


Pubos - Karkinos Hero
Seawrack - Pale Karkinos Hero
Spinebreaker - Pale Karkinos Hero