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Tiresias at the foot of the River Styx bridge

The three Judges

Main Quest (Act IV): The Road to Hades > Judgment of the Living > The Battle for Elysium

You meet Tiresias the Seer on the New Road, right after crossing the River Styx. He has a grim tale to tell. Elysium, once a paradise, now drowns in war and chaos. He bids you come there as fast as possible. The only path to Elysium seems to be through the Tower of Judgment.

There you meet the judges and learn more about the current crisis. When the gods left the world Hades ignored the call. He saw their vanishing as an opportunity to finally conquer the realms of the living. Right now his armies are stuck in Elysium, but the hero shades can only slow them down. Hades imprisoned the Judges in their own tower when they refused to join him and lead his armies. The main story continues in The Battle for Elysium.


  • Experience: 32k / 77k / 205k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • an Arcane Formula