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Item Quality

See main article: Item quality

  • Grey - broken/trash
  • White - common
  • Yellow - magical
  • Green - rare
  • Olive green - Monster Infrequent
  • Blue - Epic
  • Purple - Legendary

Use [Alt] to hide broken items, [X] to hide Common items, and [Z] to show all items.


Affixes are Prefixes and Suffixes that describe the magical properties of an item.

A Broken item (grey) is a combination of a common piece of equipment with a "broken" Prefix.

A Magical item (yellow) is a combination of a common piece of equipment with a regular Prefix, Suffix or both.

A Rare item (green) is a common piece of equipment with a rare Affix.

Monster Infrequent (olive green) is a rare piece of equipment with a random Prefix, Suffix or both.

Epics and Legendary items have unique stats and don't have any Affixes.


Item Sets can have from two to five pieces. Additional bonuses are granted for wearing multiple pieces in an Item Set.

  • Epic Sets
  • Legendary Sets

See: Sets for a list of Item Sets.

Monster Infrequents

Monster Infrequents, or MIs, are magical or enhanced items that drop from specific types of monsters in the game. Monster Infrequents combined with a Monster Charm or Relic can often make equipment that is better than Epics.

See: Monster Infrequents for more information.


Armor requires Strength, Dexterity and Strength, or Intelligence and Dexterity to wear.

Magical (yellow), Rare (green), Epic (blue), and Legendary (purple) also have a minimum level.

Blacksmiths sell "warrior" armor. Arcanists sell "mage" armor. Traders can sell any type of armor.

For a list of common, Epic, and Legendary armor for each piece, see the following pages:

See: Armor for more information on how Armor works in the game.

See: Shields for information on how Shields work.


Throwing Weapons were added in Ragnarok.

Blacksmiths can sell any type of weapon except for Staves. Arcanists sell Axes, Swords, Staves, and Throwing Weapons. Traders can sell any kind of weapon.

For a list of common, Epic, and Legendary weapons for each weapon type, see the following pages:

  • Axes, about 2.5:1 Strength:Dexterity
  • Clubs, about 3.5:1 Strength:Dexterity
  • Swords, about 1.2:1 Strength:Dexterity
  • Bows, about 3:1 Dexterity:Strength
  • Spears, about 2:1 Dexterity:Strength
  • Staves, 100% Intelligence
  • Throwing Weapons, about 1.4:1 Dexterity:Strength
  • Shields, 100% Strength

See: Weapons for more details about how Weapons work in the game.

See: Shields for information on how Shields work.


One amulet can be worn around the neck. One ring can be worn on each hand.

  • Amulet
  • Rings (x2)

See: Ring

See: Amulet

Charms and Relics

Pieces of Monster Charms and Relics can drop from any monster. A piece of a Monster Charm or Relic can be added to any Common, Magical, Rare, or Monster Infrequent item (white, yellow, green, olive green) to add some bonuses to the item. Epic and Legendary items (blue and purple) cannot be enhanced with Charms or Relics. A completed Monster Charm or Relic has an additional completion bonus.

  • Normal, Epic and Legendary Monster Charms
  • Essence, Embodiment, and Incarnation Relics

See: Charm

See: Relic

Arcane Formulas and Artifacts


Scrolls are one-use items that were added in Immortal Throne and allow any character to do magical damage, summon temporary a Pet, buff, and debuff. Additional Scrolls were added in Ragnarok.

  • Scrolls, Greater Scrolls, Divine Scrolls

See: Scrolls for a list of Scrolls


Potions restore Health/Energy. Titanic potions were added in Ragnarok.

  • Potions: Lesser, Health/Energy Potions, Greater, Superior, Divine, Titanic (R)

See: Dye

See: Potions for more information on Potions

Quest Items

See: Quest Item