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An item with magical, rare, monster infrequent, epic or legendary quality has one or more properties. There are two types of properties:

These properties only affect magical and rare items and are displayed with a prefix, suffix or both. See article for more information.
  • Fix properties
Epic and legendary items have fix properties, which means every single item has the same properties (the stats of epic items can vary a little bit)
Monster infrequents are special because they have both fix properties and affixes (the latter ones are not displayed with an affix in the game and only the additional properties are added to the fix ones)

Properties list

Below is a list of all possible properties:

Increased base stats

  • Health
    • +X Health
    • +X% Health Regeneration
    • +X Health Regeneration per second
  • Energy
    • +X Energy
    • +X% Energy Regeneration
    • +X Energy Regeneration per second
  • +X Strength
    • -X% Strength Requirement for xxx
  • +X Intelligence
    • -X% Intelligence Requirement for xxx
  • +X Dexterity
    • -X% Dexterity Requirement for xxx
  • +X Offensive Ability
  • +X Defensive Ability
  • +X% Armor Protection
  • +X% Total Speed
    • +X% Casting Speed
    • +X% Movement Speed
    • +X% Attack Speed
  • X% Absorption of Spell Energy

Increased Damage types

  • +X% Physical Damage
  • +X% Elemental Damage
    • +X% Fire Damage
    • +X% Burn Damage
    • +X% Cold Damage
    • +X% Frostburn Damage
    • +X% Lightning Damage
    • +X% Electrical Burn Damage
  • +X% Poison Damage
  • +X% Pierce Damage
  • +X% Bleeding Damage
  • +X% Vitality Damage
  • +X% Vitality Decay Damage
  • +X% Life Leech
  • +X% Energy Leech
  • +X% Energy Burn
  • +X% Stun
  • +X% Skill Disruption
  • X% of Attack Damage converted to Health
  • X% Bonus Damage
  • Extra Damage to certain monster types
    • +X% Damage to xxx

Increased Resistances

  • Primary Resistances
    • X% Physical Resistance
    • X% Elemental Resistance
      • X% Fire Resistance
      • X% Burn Resistance
      • X% Cold Resistance
      • X% Frostburn Resistance
      • X% Lightning Resistance
      • X% Electrical Burn Resistance
    • X% Poison Resistance
    • X% Pierce Resistance
  • Secondary Resistances
    • X% Bleeding Resistance
      • X% Reduction in Bleeding Duration
    • X% Vitality Resistance
    • X% Vitality Decay Resistance
    • X% Life Leech Resistance
    • X% Energy Leech Resistance
    • X% Stun Resitance
    • X% Disruption Resistance
    • X% Reduced Entrapment Duration
    • X% Reduced Freeze Duration
    • X% Sleep Resistance
  • Less Damage from certain Monster types
    • +X% Less Damage from xxx

Mastery bonuses

  • To all Skills
    • +1 to all Skills
    • +2 to all Skills
  • To all Skills inf specific Masteries
    • +X to all Skills in Nature Mastery
    • +X to all Skills in Defense Mastery
    • +X to all Skills in Warfare Mastery
    • +X to all Skills in Hunting Mastery
    • +X to all Skills in Earth Mastery
    • +X to all Skills in Storm Mastery
    • +X to all Skills in Rogue Mastery
    • +X to all Skills in Dream Mastery (only with Immortal Throne)
    • +X to all Skills in Rune Mastery (only with Ragnarök)
  • To special Skills
    • +1 to xxx
    • +2 to xxx
    • +3 to xxx
    • +4 to xxx


Items with Chances properties have the chance to activate the given chance.

  • X% Chance to Dogde Attacks
  • X% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
  • X% Chance of xxx


Some epic and legendary items have certain Skills with different effects

  • Grants Skill: xxx