Ishtil Nintheye

Ishtil Nintheye, shows all what he can.

Ishtil Nintheye is a Level 10 ( Normal ) Arachnos Hero Monster, which can be encountered in the Greece. He looks like Regular Arachnos Spellweaver, but much bigger in size. Ishtill can deal high amount of Poison Damage on any difficulty, so be fast and be careful.


  • Ishtil is capable to throwing poison bolts, like all Arachnos Spellweavers. But his projectiles deal more damage, including higher DoT-damage, and also reduce Movement Speed by 20%.
  • Also Ishtil can create poison clouds, which hold 6 seconds each and inflict moderate damage every second if you stand inside.
  • Ishtil naturally has pretty high Poison Resistance. Also it can be hard to trap or stop him with equally high Stun, Freeze and Trap Resistances as well. Finally he has small Resistances to Physical and Piercing damage, probably due his solid carapace.
  • Recommended Resistances: Poison, Slowdown, Avoid Projectiles

Possible LocationsEdit


  • Ishtil title "Nintheye" possibly referring to fact, that most spiders have only eight eyes. So having ninth of them arguably will make any spider better, than most of his brethren. But again, Ishtil is Arachnos and actually have only two eyes.
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