Intro: Meet Your Tools Edit

A set of modding tools are installed by default with your copy of Titan Quest. These tools are the same ones used to create Titan Quest and as a result, they’re quite powerful!

Some of the tutorials in this guide use tutorial projects, which are installed in the mod project working folders as described below. They are numbered the same as the tutorials here; so Tutorial01 will match the first section below, and so on. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to browse the projects, test them for yourself, and try to understand how they work.

Setting Up Edit

These tools can be found via your start menu, under ‘Programs -> THQ -> Titan Quest -> Toolset’. To get started, go there now and run the Art Manager. You will prompted to choose your working directories. The default values are good – just click ‘OK’.

The Art Manager will open and the working directories will be set up under ‘My Documents -> My Games -> Titan Quest -> CustomMaps’. Next, go to the Help menu and select ‘Install Tutorials’. This will copy the tutorial files that you should use while reading this guide. Everything should now be properly set up. Proceed when ready.

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