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Fairytale messagebox critical.png These are instructions to download and install the standalone version of the AllSkins mod. If you have the Fanpatch, you have a pre-release version of 0.8 inside it.

Please refer to the Fanpatch Notes, section "Additional Features of 1.17" to see how to use this pre-release version of 0.8 AllSkins embedded on the fanpatch.

You do not need to install the standalone version of AllSkins 0.8 to use the embedded version on the Fanpatch(or vice-versa), but you may use both concurrently, since they are compatible.

The AllSkins0.8 version works differently than the embedded version of the Fanpatch - please don't follow the instructions below or the How to use AllSkins 0.8 Guide if you wish to use only the Fanpatch embedded version.

Other mods use AllSkins like the Ctrl-Alt-MODs pack from titanquest-fr.com (made by Ctrl-Alt-Suppr), or Lilith (made by Mostal). AllSkins works differently on those mods, so as with the Fanpatch, please read their respective Installation or Usage Guides about usage on embedded AllSkins in those mods.

Installation procedure

1) Download the mod

AllSkins 0.8 can be found on the first post on the thread [Rel] AllSkins for TQIT on the titanquest.net forums

2) Check your download

Current version is AllSkins 0.8c. Please adapt the instructions below if you have a later version.

The AllSkins0.8 for Titan Quest - Immortal Throne zip file (named AllSkPackIT0-8c.zip) should contain 26 files and 1 directory (called Skins) on it:


3) Preparing to Install

Locate the following two directories:

  1. The path where the Titan Quest Immortal Throne executable is installed. If you installed Titan Quest Immortal Throne via CD, it should be at "C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\". If you are a steam user, your path for the executable is most probably "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\titan quest immortal throne"
  2. The path where the data of the Titan Quest Immortal Throne is installed: “C:\Documents and Settings\<TestUser>\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\”
  • Both directories listed above are important for the installation of the Allskins0.8 mod.
  • If you have installed the program in a place different as “Program Files”, and/or have a different path to “My documents”, please adapt the path accordingly.
  • Specially Windows Vista Users will have their “My Documents” path typically on: “C:\Users\<TestUser>\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\”
  • It's also very much probable that your user isn't called “TestUser”. You'll have to adapt the path to your PC's username as well.

4) If you have AllSkins 0.7 installed, read this, otherwise skip to 5)

If you have AllSkins 0.7 installed, you will have created a sub-directory on your “C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\” directory.

You will have the following structure:

“C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Database\Creatures\pc\female”, and

“C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Database\Creatures\pc\male” directories.

You should delete all files inside these directories. AllSkins 0.8 works in a different way, and will not need the files on these directories anymore. Furthermore,

those files disturb the work of AllSkins 0.8 and as such have to be removed. Note: you don't need to delete the directories themselves, only the files inside them.

If you have placed your own files on those directories (for example, the femalepc01_Nyours_Placeholder*.tex files), you may keep those there, since those files are

meant to override the standard ones of the mod itself, but those are the only ones that can be left. Please delete all other ones.

You're now ready to install AllSkins 0.8.

Fairytale messagebox info.png Even after deleting those files, you'll be able to see your characters as they were before, and you'll be able to use AllSkins 0.7 still. The new version

was designed to keep the compatibility with the older version.

If you don't want/need AllSkins 0.7 anymore, you can delete the folder where the mod is installed now (not necessary though). This would mean deleting this directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\<TestUser>\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\CustomMaps\AllSkins0-7

5) Check your directory structure

If you have not downloaded a mod for Titan Quest - Immortal Throne before, you will have to create a directory first, as shown below. (If this directory exists already, you obviously don't have to create it).

In step 3), we located the data directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\<TestUser>\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne


If it doesn't already exist, you must create a sub-directory called "CustomMaps". After creating the directory, the structure will be:

C:\Documents and Settings\<TestUser>\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\CustomMaps\


6) Extract the files

Extract the directory AllSkPackIT0-8c from the file you downloaded to the "CustomMaps" directory you created/located in 5), i.e.:

C:\Documents and Settings\<TestUser>\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\CustomMaps\

After your installation efforts you should have a structure like this:


Fairytale messagebox info.png If you are a (up to 1.17a) fanpatch user who is installing the standalone version of AllSkins 0.8, you will notice that there's already a creatures.arc file on the directory

“C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Resources”. It's ok to copy over this file because it's the fanpatch's embedded AllSkins Creatures.arc file. For safety reasons, you may want to backup the file before copying the AllSkins Creatures.arc over it though.

You're almost done with the installation.

7) Copy the skin files

There is a Skins subdirectory in the folder you just extracted. This subdirectory contains several files (5 files total, including "Creatures.arc" file, "AllSkinsBMPs.arc" and 3 batch files); copy them to the directory below (this is a sub-folder in your executable directory, so it may be different for Steam users):

“C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Resources”

Fairytale messagebox critical.png Please DON'T copy those files to the “C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest\Resources” directory. You MUST copy them to the Titan Quest Immortal Throne directory,

not to the Titan Quest directory. Copying it to the Titan Quest directory may create problems in your Titan Quest installation.

Note: in case you can't copy any file to “C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Resources”, you can still use the mods by copying the "Creatures.arc" file to C:\Documents and Settings\<TestUser>\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\CustomMaps\<AllSkinsModName>\Resources, where <AllSkinsModName> is the name of one of the 3 mods that are created by the installation procedure. The disadvantage of doing that is that you'll always need to have AllSkins mod active to use your skin, and you have to copy "Creatures.arc" to the 3 mods (Skirt,Skirtless and Dress) if you want to use all 3.

8) Run the batch files

On the figure on point 7), you see that there are 3 batch files for installing the mod: English-Setup.bat, Deutsch-Setup.bat and Francais-Setup.bat. Use the one that corresponds to the language you want to have installed for AllSkins Mod. The batch file will run for a small amount of time and create 3 mods - the 3 mods of AllSkins 0.8 - in your language.

You can now delete the AllSkPackIT0-8c directory which is on C:\Documents and Settings\<TestUser>\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\CustomMaps\


You should be done with the installation of the mod now. Please proceed to the How to use AllSkins 0.8 Guide.