Adding Event Music

To add Event Music to your levels, do the following:

  1. Open the Art Manager
  2. Import records/sounds/ambientpack/(choose pak) (for example it would be records/sounds/ambientpak/ambgrassland.dbr
  3. Import records/sounds/sounds/musicpack/(location event)/(musicpak) for example records/sounds/musicpak/greekevent/grkeventhelostheme.dbr
  4. Import one more record records/sounds/musicpak/(location random)/(musicpak) for example records/sounds/musicpak/greekrandom/grassland01mpakgrk.dbr
  5. Build / (F7)
  6. Exit out of Art manager and open Editor
  7. Open your mod
  8. Select the region you want to add the music to and open in Editor mode
  9. Select the area painter (I forget the exact name for it, it's the one in the middle with the red yellow green and blue shapes in it)
  10. For Layer, choose sound layer
  11. Click on new and change default style name to something more descriptive
  12. Click on the elipsies next to the Ambiant music box
  13. In the window that opens choose the ambiant music file you imported to the database (if this window is blank something went wrong with the import and build)
  14. Do the same for Ambiant sound and Event music boxes
  15. Follow current procedures to save and build mod or maps.
  16. Play test, if all went well you should hear some music.

Using Custom mp3's and wav files

To add your own MP3's to be able to use them for in-game music

  1. In Art Manager, Sources Tab right click in the folder list area (left side) on the top item (modename)/sources and choose Create Folder
  2. Name your new folder something painfuly obviously for your sanity (I.E. InGameMusic)
    • Note: Do not name the folder "Sounds" or "Music" by itself
  3. On the right side right click and choose import.
  4. Browse your way to the .mp3 or .wav that you want to use.
  5. Click on on open.
  6. Right click on your now imported file and choose Auto-Create Asset

Repeat until all the files you want are imported.

  1. Build

Your music/sound files should now be avaiable for use in the sounds and music type Database records.

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