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Icthians are fish-like humanoids of the beastmen catagory, and are first encountered on the coast near Megara.

Varieties: Coastal Icthians come in the first Icthians found by the Megara coast, Fen Icthians in the Phocian Swamps, and Tide Icthians found around Babylon. Later in China you can run into the Pond Ichtians, the stronger variation. Fjord Ichthians can be found in The North.


  • Warrior: Also known as Myrmadon. The most common, warriors attack with a club or sword, and generally have high health.
  • Trapper: They can net the player, and attack with spears. Pierce resistance is useful against them.
  • Shamans: They can heal their allies and have staves with which to do battle. They do not appear to have offensive spells. Upon spotting the player, the shaman will cast Battle Awareness on itself. They often use Regrowth to heal other Ichthians when they have low health.
  • Bone Casters: The most powerful variety of Icthian healers, they are essentially stronger shamans found in the Orient.
  • Lord of the Deep: Attacking the player with water attacks, they are the most powerful variety of Icthian, and can be very dangerous to a player with little health. Unique Skill: Tidal Wave

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