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Main Quest (Act III): The Sickle of Kronos > Hunt for the Sickle > Journey to the Jade Palace

This is a chapter of the Main Quest. In the previous chapter, The Sickle of Kronos, you tried to keep a telkine from stealing the sickle but were too late. All that is left in the sickle vault in the Temple of Marduk is the injured Feiyan, a member of the Order of Prometheus. She tells you that she was unable to stop the telkine. It then used the sickle to break through the temple walls and vanished towards the east.

Your task is clear. Catch up to the telkine, get the sickle back and, most importantly, keep it from causing a disaster with it. You follow the telkine to the Chang'an Outskirts, where the citizen Huan Yue urges you to head into the City of Chang'an itself. There Feiyan (the injured guard from the Temple of Marduk) is waiting for you with grim news. The telkine has vanished in the city so your hunt ends in failure. But there is hope, and the story continues with the Journey to the Jade Palace.


  • Experience: 10k / 40k / 90k (normal / epic / legendary)