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This guide is originally written on a wiki page: How to use AllSkins 0.8. If you want to see the latest and more correct version of it, please visit this page.

First you want to install the mod. If didn't do it yet, please visit the page Installation Instructions for AllSkins 0.8.

Starting the game in AllSkins mode

  • Start the Titan Quest Immortal Throne game and choose "Play Custom Quest"

Choosing Custom Quest

  • If you don't have already a character created for the "Custom Quest", create one. Since this character will never be used by AllSkins, you can name it anything. In the example, the character is named "NOT_TO_USE". If there is any character which already exists, even if it was not made for AllSkins mod, it can be used and no new character needs to be created.

Creating a new character (if not already exising)

  • Choose one of the 3 AllSkins mods (skirt, skirtless or dress).

Spiel Starten

  • The game won't start immediately; you will be sent back to the main game screen. This is normal. Now you can start a NORMAL game (not custom quest) since the AllSkins mod was loaded on the normal game already.

Starting a normal game

  • Choose a character and start the game as normal.
Fairytale messagebox info.png The AllSkins mod doesn't require that you create a character to use the mod. Any of your already existing characters can use the mod. The mod is only about changing the character's skin - no matter if it is a old character or a complete new one.
  • If you waited some seconds before you started the main game, you will see the AllSkins icon appearing on the right corner, replacing the standard one. This means already that you have started the game in AllSkins mode. To take full advantage of all the mod's characteristics, please read the article (Unlocking the Amulets) below.

Unlocking the Amulets

Default vendors

AllSkins 0.8 has by default 2 vendors of skin bottles in Helos in static positions on town:

  • Fathersquid, the first-choice male skins vendor
  • Cassandra, the first-choice non-adult female skins vendor

The first choice skins contain the most original skins available on AllSkins mod. If you buy and use (right-click) one of the bottles sold by those vendors, the appearance of your character will change. AllSkins 0.8 has nevertheless a method to summon up to 6 different vendors (including those 2 above) in any place that your character wants them to be. To do that, you only have to use the 6 amulets provided by the mod. At the moment that you put an amulet on you, the vendor will appear. You can then return to your default amulet.

Fairytale messagebox info.png If you don't have any amulet on your character, picking up an amulet from AllSkins 0.8 from the ground will summon a vendor instantly, since the amulet will be used.

The amulets related to the non-adult skins of the game are listed below. Note that the "Recolors and Variations" vendors don't have bottles with skins that are original, but they do offer some variations over the first-choice skins of the other vendors (different skirt colors, little changes, etc).

Non-Adult Vendors' Amulets

There are 4 non-adult vendors on the AllSkins Mod:

  • Fathersquid's amulet, the first choice male skins vendor amulet +
  • Cassandra's amulet, the first choice non-adult female skins vendor amulet +
  • Jack Sparrow's amulet, the Recolors and Variations male skins vendor amulet +
  • Caitlyn's amulet, the Recolors and Variations non-adult female skins vendor amulet

Acquiring the 4 non-adult vendor's amulets:

  • Enter Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
  • Click on "Play Custom Quest" and Start one of the 3 AllSkins mods (any of them, the standard, Dress or Skirtless mod)
  • You'll be led back to the main page like nothing happened. Hit the "Start" button on the below and right corner of the game (like starting a normal game)
  • Now you're starting the standard game with AllSkins mod loaded. Hit the "<Esc>" Key.
  • Click in "Unlock Content" and enter the code 135180
  • 4 Amulets will fall on the ground. Get them.
  • If you use one of those amulets, a vendor will appear in front of you. Don't use 2 amulets while standing on the same place, otherwise the vendors will appear on top of each other.
  • When you start titan quest again WITHOUT AllSkins mod, the amulets will look like useless rings, 4 of them with just the name "Bronze". DON'T THROW THEM AWAY; you will need them when you enter the AllSkins mod again to summon the vendors.
  • If you lose any of the amulets, you can't unlock them again with the same player. Create a new player and follow the same instructions above, get the amulets and store them on your shared stash. You can delete the player you created after if you wish.
  • If you use the fanpatch and have artifacts to summon vendors, those won't work while you have the AllSkins mod loaded. That is to prevent confusion between the mod and the embedded pre-release version AllSkins from the fanpatch.

Adult Vendors' Amulets

If you want to unlock the amulets that give access to vendors with the adult skins of the game, you have to follow the same procedure as above, but use another unlock code. This unlock code is only available on the adult section of the titanquest.net forum. You don't need to use those amulets to enjoy the AllSkins mod - only go to get them if you are interested in adult content. Otherwise, keep with the 4 amulets that you have acquired above.

Should you be interested in the adult amulets that summon the adult skin vendors, you can go to http://www.titanquest.net/forums/modifications-editor/ and search the forum for the word (without spaces in between) AdultUnlockCode

You will find a thread called "AllSkins - AdultUnlockCode" and there, in the first post, you will find the unlock code for the adult sellers of skins.

Fairytale messagebox info.png If you are having trouble finding the thread, just drop a note here -> http://titanquest.wikia.com/wiki/User:Lufe-wikia/AllSkins and you'll get help to find it.

Follow the same instructions as you have seen above but use the code that you found in that thread. 2 additional amulets will drop, and you'll have a total of 6 amulets now.

The 2 new amulets will be of the following vendors:

  • Desirée, the First-choice female adult skins vendor
  • Salomé, the Recolors and Variations female adult skins vendor

Those 2 complete the 6 vendors of AllSkins 0.8. Enjoy!

AllSkins 0.8: 3 mods in one


AllSkins 0.8 is not one mod, but 3 mods. You can play with 3 different female players (but only 1 male player in all 3 mods). The 3D female player looks different in the 3 mods.

  • In the standard (Skirt) mod, the female player looks like the game female player - a woman with a Skirt.
  • In the Skirtless mode, the female player is different, and doesn't look weird if she has skins that use no skirt. For example, jogging suits look better on this female player. "Skirtless" means that the 3D model isn't built with a skirt on it. "Skirtless" isn't the same as "naked", because what determines whether the character has clothes or not is the skin - not the 3D model.
  • In the Dress mode of the mod, the female has a real full-scale dress. Her 3D representation is made to use dresses.

When you enter the Skirtless or the Dress mode, it may be that the female will look weird until you have bought a bottle for her (on one of the vendors) and used it. From them on, she will be with a skin made for that 3D representation, and will look correct again.

If you return to the game without using the AllSkins mod, and you used a Dress or Skirtless bottle on your female player, she can again look somewhat strange. All you have to do is to buy and use a bottle that is correct for the Skirt representation and she will look correct again for the standard game.

Availability of Merchants and Bottles

On a rule of thumb, this can be always be used:

  • Bottles available on the standard (Skirt) AllSkins 0.8 mod are all good to use with the standard female player.
  • If you see a green tag [Skirt/Skirtless] on any bottle, it means that this bottle is good for using with the Skirt and the Skirtless model.
  • Bottles available on the Skirtless AllSkins 0.8 mod are all good to use with the Skirtless female player. If a bottle has a yellow tag named [Skirtless] it means it is good only for the Skirtless female player.
  • Bottles available on the Dress AllSkins 0.8 mod are all good to use with the Dress female player. Dress skin bottles' descriptions start always with the [Dress] red tag and are only available when you start the Dress version of the mod.

Note: some skirtless skin bottles are available on the Skirt version of AllSkins mod. These bottles can be used for the standard AND the skirtless 3D representation of the female player (meshes) and are marked with a green tag [Skirt/Skirtless]

The availability of bottles and of merchants changes based in which mod you enter. The vendors change the stock of bottles available to you, so that you buy the right bottle for the type of female player that you are using.

  • The Skirt mod allows to summon all 6 merchants.
  • The Skirtless mod allows to summon only 4 merchants at most: FatherSquid (male skins), Jack Sparrow (male variation skins), Cassandra (female skins), Desirée (female adult skins)
  • The Dress mod allows to summon only 3 merchants at most: FatherSquid (male skins), Jack Sparrow (male variation skins), Cassandra (female skins)

Since the male player never changes, the male vendors sell the same kind of bottles on the 3 mods.

Using Skirtless and Dress meshes by default

AllSkins 0.8 gives you the possibility of using by default the female Skirtless or Dress meshes.

The advantage of using those meshes by default is that you don't need to run AllSkins to play with them. You can be playing the standard game, or the Lilith or Masteries mod, for example, and the mesh you use will be the Skirtless or the Dress mesh.

To change the mesh you use by default, all you have to do is to go to the directory C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Resources and run one of the 3 files:

useDressMesh.bat to change to the Dress 3D version of the female player

useSkirtlessMesh.bat to change to the Skirtless 3D version of the female player

useSkirtMesh.bat to change to the Skirt 3D version of the female player

By default, the Skirt mesh is used by Titan Quest, so running the useSkirtMesh.bat will not change anything. Use it only if you want to go back to the standard mesh.

Fairytale messagebox info.png Windows Vista users have to run these batches as Administrator, otherwise no change will be done on the mesh.