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The Helos Woods is a region in Greece (Act I), where you will find and fight the Dark Satyr - Shaman from the main quest A Troubled Village.

Points of Interest

Entrance to the Woods

You will enter this region from the Helos Farmland, which lies to the south. Here you'll always find a chest holding three Lesser Health Potions.

Satyr Camp

Black Stone

Here you will find Dark Satyr Shaman, quest boss who must be killed for A Troubled Village. Another notable feature here is the omnious Black Stone in the middle of the camp.


In Real Life

Sadly, the forests around Helos are largely gone today, now part of the orchards that make up the modern day Helos economy. However in ancient times the woods of Europe where unbreaking, it is even said a squirrel could go from Italy to Denmark without ever touching the ground. The woods shown in game is likely a representation of that once unbroken, unending forest that once dominated Europe.


  • Despite being named as "Shaman", Dark Satyr - Shaman acts more like Fire Magi.

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