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The Helos Farmland is a region in Greece (Act I), which lies to the north of the Village of Helos. It leads to the Helos Woods, where you will find the Satyr Shaman.

Points of Interest

Helos Farms

There are several Satyrs and beasts lurking around in this area you can kill to build up experience. Usually it's the safest way to fight them using a bow. Boars can be troublesome, especially in numbers, but torches have proved to be effective against them.

Pandion's Farm

To the east you will find Pandion and two guards defending their farm against the Satyrs. Talk to him to learn about the harvest time and the recent troubles with monsters.


  • Pandion - Thoughtful Peasant. He and his guards defend a farm in the eastern farmland.

    Pandion, guarding his horses

    • At harvest time the whole village sets to work in the fields. The crops must be gathered and properly stored. We make an offering to Demeter, goddess of bounty.
    • It was three nights ago, traveler, that the shepherd boy ran up crying about satyr. We didn't believe him, but he was right and now i never wish to see a satyr again.
    • What drives these creatures to burn our fields and slay out cattle. How do we stop them?
    • Here in Helos we live quietly. We have avoided most of the wars. We are farmers, unlike our Spartan brothers.
    • All the nights Timanthes played harp on the moonlit hill, we would dance and drink! Now we hide in our homes and pray that we see another sunrise.
    • Even the animals of the wild have turned against us; carrion birds and savage boars now hunt those who used to hunt them.


  • Satyr ( Beastman ): Scout, Warrior, Veteran Warrior, Skirmisher, Veteran Skirmisher, Peltast, Veteran Peltast
  • Carrion Crow ( Beast )
  • Ravenous Boar ( Beast )

In Real Life

Much of the area surrounding Helos and the greater Laconia region is now agricultural. Vast orchards of oranges and olive oil dominate the local economy, a far cry from the sustenance farming shown in game.

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