Camine's location in the Hercyne Woods


Orsos is looking for his wife


Camine and Treimago

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). Orsos the Tanner of Heuneburg is looking for his wife. She went out earlier to buy some food and has been gone for a while. Orsos is getting hungry and asks you to send her home should you see her. She has probably gone to one of the farms west of Heuneburg.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Talk to Orsos in Heuneburg: Following the street from the eastern gate, there is a little path branching off south after the first house. It leads to Orsos.
  2. Travel to Hercynian Forest. At the first Rebirth Fountain, cross the stream and continue right along the faint path. It leads to a small house in the forest. Next to it stands Orsos' wife Camine with the hunter and trader Treimago, apparently caught flirting.
  3. Speak to Caomine. You should automatically claim the reward. (Optionally, return to Orsos in Heuneburg to inform him.)

Rewards Edit

  • 45,000 Experience (Normal)

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