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Harpy concept art.

Harpies are Beast creatures encountered in various regions throughout Greece (Act I & Act V). They look like women with bird wings and often form smaller groups gathered around a Bone Pile. They are melee attackers with moderate movement speed and low health. Harpies are also known as Desert Hag in Egypt (Act II).

Monster Charm: May drop a Pristine Plumage.


  • Brush: Basic variant, encountered first in Laconia Woods. This variant has mostly green feathers.
  • Rock: Another Harpy variant which can be encountered in Greece. Their feathers are mostly red.
  • Crag:


  • Hag: Basic melee fighter. Attacks with its clawed feet.
  • Crone: Slightly stronger variant, which activates a lightning enchantment aura before engaging in battle. The aura affects any nearby creatures, including Crows and other beasts.
  • Witch ( Champion ): Most powerful variant with a ranged lightning attack and the ability to cast Squall.
  • Siren: A powerful variant from The North (Act V). Has a 360° song attack that disrupts skills and leeches mana, and a ranged front aoe attack that leeches a little mana. Can take control of pets for a few seconds (confusion effect).