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Exit the Halls of the Dvergr to the southeast to go outside to the Dark Lands Portal and the path to the Old Mine.

A Secret Passage in the Master Chamber leads to the Seventh Branch of Yggdrasil and access to Asgard.



Dvergar History - Rune Tablet at the northern end of the Dvergr Mines
Legendary Craftsmanship - offered by Durin after killing The Great Shroom for the main story


Aki - Dvergr Outcast
Glum - Enchanter
Dvalinn - Dvergr Master Smith
Durin - Dvergr Master Smith
Bjalfi - Trader


Cave Bat
Dvergr Demon/Beast
Fungoid Plant
Granite Golem Construct

Pre-Patch Map

The Halls of the Dvergr were updated in the 1.54 patch. The primary change was the removal of most of the walls changing the area from a claustrophobic dungeon into a series of open walkways and platforms over a deep chasm. The grand staircase in the middle of the area was removed. Some previously open paths were closed off by debris. A central pit was added to some rooms most notably in the boss room with Austri and Nar. Glum, the Enchanter, was moved to a more isolated position instead of hanging around with some hostile Dvergr. The Dvergr Mines, Master Chamber, and Secret Passage were not updated.

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P = Portal, S = Side Quest, M = Boss Monster (Majestic Chest)