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Points of Interest

Entrance to the Natural Cave

Cyclops' Lair

Home of Polyphemus. Can be found behind him.

Natural Cave

Found along the coastline, before the split.


Many ships found rest on this shores. One most notable of them - remnants of Athenian ship on southern part of the beach. Some of his cargo is still intact.



  • Polyphemus ( Giant ) Boss
  • Dark Satyr ( Beastman ) : Elite Warrior, Veteran Peltast, Elite Peltast, Elite Skirmisher, Ravager ( Champion ), Shaman ( Champion )
  • Maenad ( Beastman ): Tracker, Stalker, Huntress ( Champion ), Sorceress ( Champion )
  • Coastal Ichthian ( Beastman ): Myrmidon, Shaman ( Champion )
  • Wraith ( Undead ): Drowned Sailor

Inside the Cyclop's Lair

  • Spider ( Insectoid ): Caver Crawler, Orbed Weaver ( Champion )

Inside the Natural Cave


  • Gulf of Halcyon was the ancient name for the Corinthian Gulf, where the legend of the Halcyon birds took place. The legendary birds gave their name as well to a village north to Corinth, Alkiona, and to a small archipelago nearby, the Alkionides.
  • Local level 15 Drowned Sailors don't have added "Ghost" category in description, possibly due a bug.

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