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Hades is the final boss of Titan Quest - Immortal Throne. He is fought at the very end of Act IV. Killing him completes the game and unlocks a new difficulty: Epic or Legendary with new challenges.

Hades has a 10% chance to drop The Overlord on Normal difficulty. It is the key to one of the Immortal Throne's Easter Eggs, the Secret Passage.

Hades deals Vitality and Physical damage, as well as Health Reduction on Epic and Legendary. Maxed out Vitality Resistance is recommended for this fight.

Stage 1 Edit

Shadow Star — the big red orb tossed at characters outside of melee range. It is the most dangerous skill in Hades' arsenal, capable of one-shotting most characters. Initial projectile splits into 8 Shadow Bolts on hit. If the globe lands on your head, all secondary projectiles are likely to hit you as well. Eating the whole load with 80% Vitality resistance deals 3000-4000 damage on Normal.

Fortunately, this skill has long, distinct animation of Hades raising his right hand. If you intend to stay in melee range, make sure that he isn't casting this skill while you are approaching.

He also uses Sickle Sweep and single Shadow Bolts.

Stage 2 Edit

At 50% health Hades transforms into his second form with a slightly higher armor and resistances. In this stage he uses Sickle Sweep, Shadow Bolts and Shadow Balls. He also conjures Death Vortex which lives for 12 seconds and deals significant damage if you stay in it.

Stage 3 Edit

After his corporeal form is destroyed, Hades continues to fight as a ghost. In this form he gets 70% Physical, Piercing, Poison and Bleeding Damage Absorption, 60% Poison and Bleeding Resistances, 50% Vitality Resistance, 1000% Life Leech Resistance, but -20% Elemental Resistances.

He starts using Shadow Bolts as his main attack. In melee he now uses stunning Expanding Ring. And if you stay away he will launch bigger bolts, Spirit Wave and multiple Shadow Stars. Although at this stage Shadow Stars do not target the player.

Energy Drain (for example, from Spectral Matter) is useful to reduce Hades' damage during this stage.