Hades' Treasury

Hades treasury vault door.jpg
The door of Hades' Vault

This is an Hades (Act IV) Side Quest.

Hades has hidden a great treasure in the City of Lost Souls. The shade Aristonymus is determined to steal it. His problem: He is standing in front of the locked vault but has yet to figure out how to open it. If you find the key, you can beat him to the treasure.


Path to Metriche.jpg
Path to Metriche
  1. (optional step) From the Upper City of Lost Souls (the "Plains of Judgment" portal is there), take the southwestern exit outside, keep heading southwest to the Hades Treasury tomb. Inside, head northwest and talk to Aristonymus - Shade to begin the quest.
  2. Kill Thyia of the Stygian Frosts in the Lower Daemon Camp to get the Frost Stone.
  3. Kill Canace the Serpent Queen in the Tower of Judgment - Second Domain to get the Venom Stone.
  4. Kill Metriche in the ground section of the Philos Plateau to get the Flame Stone. See image for the two paths to her location.
  5. Kill The Night Mistress in Polis Daemonai to get the Soul Stone.
  6. Go back to Hades' Treasury (see step 1) and use the four stones with the pedestals to unlock it.
  7. Enter the vault to complete the quest. There's also a few chests with random loot here.


  • Experience: 100k / 225k / 600k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • (some random treasure from the vault)

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