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Elpenor has a bloody job for you

This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV). Elpenor, one of the heroes in Odysseus' warband, has found out that Hades has transferred part of his power to his three most trusted generals. Even if Hades were vanquished, those three might be able to control the daemon army and continue the invasion. You should seek them out in Hades' palace and kill them.


  1. Talk to Elpenor at Odysseus' observation point in Argolis, near the wall of Hades' palace. Then kill the generals while travelling through the palace.
  2. The first, Dysnomion - Machae High General, is in a side passage of The Winding Descent
  3. From the rebirth fountain in the Prison of Souls, keep heading northeast through several gates to reach Trophonios - Machae High General.
  4. From the rebirth fountain in the Prison of Souls head through the northwest gate to a room with big cages in the center and two gates in the northwest wall. Pass through the more southern one to reach Makaria - Machae High General.


  • Experience: 45k / 90k / 230k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • +5% bonus to total damage