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From top left: Geomancer, Profaner, Archer, Slayer, Guard.

Gorgons are female half snake, half human mythical Beastman creatures, encountered in various regions in mid to later Greece (Act I). The first Gorgons the hero will have to fight are the three Gorgon Queens, (Medusa, Sstheno and Euryale), boss monsters guarding the Pythian Caves. They need to be defeated in order to progress with the main quest.

Gorgons are slow-moving monsters, but most of them are ranged fighters anyway, including all of their champions, heroes and the Gorgon Queens. They have no standard resistances and only moderate hitpoints. With the exception of the Gorgon Queens, none of them are capable of their mythical power - turning people into stone.

Locations: Pythian Caves, Acropolis, Athens Catacombs, Minoan Labyrinth

Types Edit

  • Guard: The only Gorgon melee fighter, wielding a spear and occasionally also wearing pieces of armor. Due to their slow movement speed, they are usually not much of a threat.
  • Archer: The basic ranged fighter, armed with a bow and ocassionally wearing armor.
  • Slayer (Champion): Blue-skinned archers, slightly stronger than regular Archers and occasionally using the Volley shot, allowing them to fire multiple projectiles at once.
  • Profaner (Champion): Poison archer with a green skin. Also larger and stronger than regular Gorgons, their attacks do Poison damage. Their special attack is a poison cloud, which covers a small area in front of them and does direct damage poison. Profaners have medium Fire Resistance.
  • Geomancer (Champion): Fire archer with an orange skin. They are larger and stronger than regular Gorgons and use a weapon enchantment to deal extra Fire and Burning damage. Occasionally they use an area effect, which lasts for 5 seconds and deals direct fire damage. Like Profaners, Geomancers have medium Fire Resistance.

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Gorgon BossesEdit

Heroes Edit

Special Equipment Edit

Equipment worn by Guards, Archers, and Slayers:

Equipment worn by Profaners, Geomancers and the Gorgon Queens: