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The Giza Plateau is a large desert region in Egypt (Act II), where the Tomb of Khufu and The Great Sphinx can be found. You will enter the Plateau either from the western Outer Giza (if you took the Gate of the Sphinx in Memphis) or from the Fayum Passage, a cave in the northern area, leading here from the Fayum Desert. There is also the fourth Egypt Portal here.


  • The Pyramid of Khufu is the southern-most and largest pyramid. At the entrance you will find Tekenu, a nomad, giving you the Khufu's Curse side quest. You will complete this quest in the pyramid.
  • The Great Sphinx can be found to the central west. There you will find the Hand of Balance', one of the two quest items requested by Imhotep back in Memphis.
  • To the east is a small unnamed tomb, where you will find Unas, the brother, whose rescue is requested by the side quest The Missing Brother. In order to complete the quest, however, you need to kill the guardian beast first, Hesy-su-neb-ef, a Tomb Guardian hero located in the room behind the large door. Once you have done this, speak to Tathari in Memphis to complete this quest (you can talk to Unas as well, but he will just thank you).
  • To the north is the Fayum Passage, a cave leading to the Fayum Desert. You might want to take this route, if you haven't obtained the Eye of Chaos from there yet.



  • Tekenu - Desert Nomad


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