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Gives the player an item, you must specify the dbr file of the item you wish to give the player for each difficulty. Possible Template Classes are Item, QuestItem, LootItemTable.


ItemEpic (dbr): an item or loot table
ItemLegendary (dbr): an item or loot table
ItemNormal (dbr): an item or loot table
LocationTag (tag): Tag reference to your modstrings.txt, this tag normally should be one of your zone name tags. (You might want to subgroup your sidequests in some other way than geographically. This does work as well.) For each zone a folder is created in your journal.
RegionNumber (integer): A value between 1 and 3. Normally you use only value 1 but if you want to build a mod with more than one region (such as Greece, Egypt and Orient in the original game), this value is necessary to add your entry in the right tab.
TitleTag (tag): Tag reference to your modstrings.txt, Title of your side quest

Fairytale messagebox info.png Additional Inventory:

This action can be used to give a player an extra inventory bag. Just reference items/miscellaneous/Inventorysack.dbr here.

Fairytale messagebox info.png Questitems:

This action is also usefull if you want to put an questitem directly into the players inventory. You only need to reference your quest item here

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