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Laidulf waits in the Birch Forest

Giesel, lost in the Birch Forest

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). Apparently Laidulf had an argument with his dear Giesel, and she ran off into the forest. He is terribly worried about her but too scared of the wolves and monsters to brave the forest himself. Go find her for him.


To receive this quest, talk to Laidulf in the Birch Forest, just outside the outer gate of King Gylfi's Settlement.

There are three ways to complete this quest.

  1. Head north and then northeast until you reach Giesel in the Birch Forest. Talk to her to make here follow you and return her to Laidulf. Giesel is the ultimate tank, pulling aggro from every monster near her. Clearing the path of all monsters before talking to her is the easiest way to get her back safely. Healing her during fights works too (she can survive a few attacks).
  2. Same as 1. but get Giesel killed. Pick up her pelt and return it to Laidulf.
  3. Warning: the following contains a spoiler to one of the Steam Achievements for the game. Do not find Giesel. This is important. As soon as you have gotten close enough to see her (or thereabouts), you can no longer finish this quest via method 3. Wait until you have the Lupine Necklace, a quest item you get from the The Craftsman's Passion side quest and are supposed to use to complete the Squabbling Merchants side quest in Kaupangr. Return to Laidulf with the necklace. He assumes that you have avenged Giesel and created the necklace from the teeth of the wolves who have killed her as a symbol of your deed. This will complete the quest and give you the Give me your Lupines achievement if you are playing on Steam.

Note: Giesel is near the shortest route to the village from the side quest The Survivor, so you can do the two quests together.


Your reward depends on which of the three methods above you have used to complete the quest.

Take back Giesel alive:

  • 50 / 75k / 210k Experience (normal / epic / legendary)
  • 50k / 150k / 400k gold

Bring Giesel's pelt to Laidulf:

  • 20k / 50k / 140k Experience

Bring the necklace to Laidulf:

  • 30k / 75k / 210k Experience
  • a Relic fragment