Giant Turtles are beast creatures found in coastal areas and swamps of Greece (Act I). They are slow-moving but tough creatures with high resistances to poison and pierce attacks as well as medium resistance to both fire and cold damage. Giant Turtles usually come in small groups and have a chance to drop the Turtle Shell monster charm.

Giant Turtles can be tough for heroes relying on pierce and poison attacks. However, they are very vulnerable to lightning attacks and the various types of vitality damage, like bleeding and life-leech.

Recommended resistances: Damage, Slow

 Variants Edit

  • Sea Turtle: Can be found along the Megara and Halcyon Coast and their Natural Caves.
  • Mud Turtle: Can be found in wetlands, beginning in the phocian swamps. More powerful relative of the sea turtle. Their abilities do not vary, but have higher health and attack than their oceanic relatives.

Types Edit

  • Spitter: Their ranged attacks are very weak, but can slow the player enough to engage in melee, and pack quite a punch.
  • Snapper: Very powerful in melee. Distinguishable by their greater size and more brownish skin. Snappers lack a ranged attack, but can be deadly in combination with slowing spitters.

Heroes Edit

Giant Turtle heroes generally move faster than the regular variants.