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Bone Scarab model

Giant Beetle is a type of Insectoid monster found in desert regions and tombs throughout Egypt (Act II). Later, a few more variants have been introduced to the game, they can only be found in some regions of The North (Act V) (requires Ragnarök DLC).


Beetles may drop fragments of Rigid Carapace monster charm. Yggdrasil Beetles drop an Eitr fragment instead.


  • Bone Scarab. Small, dark-brown beetle often found in tombs. They are melee-attackers and fairly weak.
  • Fire Beetle. Dark-orange beetle with a golden 'outline' and often found in the desert regions and tombs beyond Memphis. They have a ranged Fire attack, that does splash damage over a small area. They are sometimes accompanied by a few Magma Beetles.
  • Gruesome Bone Scarab. Larger dark-gray/green beetle often found in tombs, grouped together with a few regular Bone Scarabs. They have both a melee attack and a more powerful Poison Spray attack.
  • Magma Beetle. Larger dark-orange beetles, also often found in the desert regions and tombs beyond Memphis. They can resist some damage, have a melee attack and quite powerful Fire Spray attack. There are usually no more than 2 of them and they are always accompanied by a couple of Fire Beetles.

Variants that are specific to Ragnarök DLC and can only be found in The North (Act V):

  • Earth Beetle. Small earthen brown beetle.
  • Stampeding Stag Beetle. Larger earthen brown beetle. They are always accompanied by a few Earth Beetles.
  • Yggdrasil Beetle. Turquoise-green with orange pincers. Like all Yggdrasil creatures with the 'Magical' type, these beetles reflect damage upon being hit. They also have a chance to drop the Eitr fragment when defeated.


The smaller variants can fly to travel longer distances, though they still can be damaged while airborne. The larger variants don't seem to have this ability, but will 'fly-hop' when using their elemental spray attack.