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Ghost is a monster sub-category in Titan Quest. It contains incorporeal Undead. All ghosts are transparent and usually green, more rarely blue, yellow or purple. Ghosts Absorb 60% of Physical and Piercing Damage.



Bandari - Terra Cotta Sorcerer (The Emperor's Clay Soldiers side quest)
Hades_-_God_of_the_Dead (at the end of the The Immortal Throne main quest turns into a ghost for the third stage of the boss fight)
Queen Alkiste - Corrupted Soul (The Wealth of Ancient Kings side quest)
Vengeful Ghost (quest boss in the Salt Mines in Act V, White Gold side quest)


★ Graklos the Graveless
Nikias, Betrayer of Sparta - Lost Soul Hero
★ Thrydos Darksoul
★ Xerkos the Betrayer