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After completing tutorial 3, you may have tested your rebirth shrines completed in tutorial 2.

However, you may be asking yourself, "Why am I completing this madness?" This tutorial will help answer that by adding NPC's, quests and dialogue to your mod.

Creating the NPC

Importing the NPC

  1. Open Art Manager
  2. Select mod A1 then goto mod-import record
  3. Expand the records tree to records-creature-npc-speaking-greece-starting_woman.dbr
  4. Select and import this record
  5. In the database tab copy and paste it into a1scrollinstut folder.
  6. Rename it to a1q1npcamy.dbr

Importing the Dialogue packs

  1. Click mod-import record
  2. Expand the tree and find records-dialog-greece-starting_woman_a.dbr
  3. Select and import this record
  4. In the database tab copy and paste it into a1scrollinstut
  5. Rename it to a1q1dialog1.dbr

Setting it Up

  1. Double click a1q1dialog1.dbr to open
  2. Change the following fields:
    • Default Dialog - defaultDialogTextTag = taga1q1amydialog1
    • Default Dialog - defaultDialogSoundFile = (blank erase all text)


  3. Under Aditional Dialog and Irritation Dialog erase all fields leaving them blank.
  4. Save and close the editing record screen.
  5. Build your databse by right clicking the top folder in your database A1\database and selecting build.

  6. Find the a1q1npcamy.dbr file
  7. Double click it to edit it.
  8. Under Npc Static Dialog change the dialogPak field to the one just made. Double click the field and select the browse files box to the right then find and select the a1q1dialog1.dbr you just made. (note it wont show unless you build your database after you create the file)

  9. Go down to Actor Variables and change the description tag to taga1q1npcamy.

  10. Save the file and close the editing record menu.

Modifying Modstrings.txt

  1. In the Art Manager, select the Sources tab
  2. Find the text-modstrings.txt file
  3. Double click to edit.

  4. Add the two tags we used to setup our npc as follows. (Note you can copy and paste these over if you want just make sure there are no extra spaces at the end.)
    • taga1q1npcamy=Amy
    • taga1q1amydialog1=Please go and kill that shadowstalker named simon it wont leave me alone.
    • taga1q1amydialog2=You killed it!? Thanks so much here have this.
    • taga1q1amydialog3=Thanks again for killing that shadowstalker.
    • taga1q1title=Simple Simon
    • taga1q1location=Scrollins Tutorial
    • taga1q1text1=A lady named amy wants you to kill a shadowstalker.
    • taga1q1text2=You killed the shadowstalker now return to amy.
    • taga1q1text3=Amy was glad you killed the shadowstalker and gave you a reward.


  5. Save by clicking File-Save and Close modstrings.txt (Note if you have not allready created assets for your modstrings file do so by right clicking it in the sources tab and selecting auto create assets.)

Tidying Up

  1. In the database tab,copy and paste the dialog file we made twice.
  2. Rename them to a1q1dialog2.dbr and a1q1dialog3.dbr

  3. Open them and change defaultDialogTextTag to taga1q1amydialog2 taga1q1amydialog3 respectively.
  4. save and close the editing record menu.
  5. Right click the top folder in your database A1\database and click build
  6. Close the art manager.

Creating a Quest

Now that we have our dialogs and our npc we are ready to create the quest in the quest editor.

  1. Open the Quest Editor (takes a while to load)
  2. Click File- Select Mod and select your mod A1. (note this might take a while to load and the editor will stop responding shortly)
  3. Select File-New Quest Document.
  4. There should be a file "New Quest 1" on the left. Right click this and select Add Quest Step.
  5. Select your new quest step
  6. Click the add Trigger button GS42.jpg.
  7. Under your new trigger select Conditions and click the new condition button GS69.jpg.
  8. Select On Interact with X condition and click ok
  9. Select the new On Interact with X condition. On the right side you can see the database folders.
  10. Find a1scrollinstut folder usually at the bottom. Select file a1q1npcamy.dbr.
  11. At the bottom, click the NPC field. Click the add item button to the right of that field. The a1q1npcamy.dbr file you had selected should automaticly appear in the field.


  12. Click the Actions header in your trigger
  13. Click the new action button GS70.jpg.
  14. In the menu scroll down to the bottom and select Add Journal Entry in Region #N and click ok.
  15. Select your Add Journal Entry action.
  16. At the bottom fill in the following fields:
    • DoComplete = False
    • DoSound= True
    • FullTextTag = taga1q1text1
    • LocationTag = taga1q1location
    • RegionNumber = 1
    • TitleTag = taga1q1title


  17. Click File-Save As then browse to MyGames\Titan Quest\Working\CustomMaps\A1\source\Quests\ and save as a1q1
    Close the Quest Editor and open the Art Manager
  18. Select your mod
  19. In the sources tab, open the folder Quests
  20. Right click your a1q1 file and select auto create assets and click ok.

  21. Click the Assets tab
  22. Right click the top folder, click build, and then close the art manager.

Importing the Quest

  1. Open the World Editor
  2. Open the mod and region and enter editor mode.
  3. Use the object tool to find and place your npcamy.
  4. Switch back to layout mode and click Quest-Select Files.

  5. Click add and browse to find your quest a1q1
  6. Select it and click ok. Note: if it doesnt show up here then you probably need to either auto create assets for it or build your assets.
  7. Once your quest is added to the region click File-Save All then close the World Editor.
  8. Open Art Manager select your mod A1
  9. select Build-Build then test it out ingame.

If everything was done correctly the npc Amy should tell you "Please go and kill that shadowstalker named simon it wont leave me alone."
And after you talk to her your side quest log will be updated using the tags and dialogs you created and a drum sound will play.

Adding Tokens

Now all we need to finish this quest is to add three more steps.

  1. Open the Quest Editor select your mod A1
  2. Open the quest a1q1.qst
  3. To the left right click New Quest 1 under Files and select add quest step.
  4. Select the new quest step and click the add trigger button GS42.jpg
  5. Repeat this to add two more making four quest steps alltogether your screen should look like this:

We will be using tokens in our quest so lets set them up now. Tokens just keep track of what the player has and hasn't done.

  1. Click the create tokens button GS55.jpg at the top.
  2. Browse to your quest folder My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest\Working\CustomMaps\A1\Source\Quests\Tokens and click open.
    Fairytale messagebox info.png If it says in red text to the right "the token bin file is read only" then you need to make it not read-only. To make the tokens file readable do the following:
    • Close the token editor menu
    • Browse your documents to the file My Documents\My Games\Titan


    • Right click the file select properties
    • Find and uncheck the read-only flag and click ok.
  3. Enter the name killedsimon and click ok.
  4. Make another token with the name q1complete
  5. Close the token editor.
  6. In your first empty condition, click the new condition button GS69.jpg.
  7. Select Owns Token X and click ok.
  8. Click that condition
  9. In the field at the bottom named Token, click the add token button
  10. To the right, open the token file for this mod and select q1complete and click ok.
  11. Change the "Not" field from false to true to make your steps look like this:

  12. Add another condition to the same trigger
  13. Select Kill Creature X
  14. Select this Kill Creature condition
  15. Search the database to the right for the monster we created in tutorial three named simon.
  16. In the field CreatureDatabaseRecord, select the add file box to the right and it will add your monster there.
    Fairytale messagebox info.png If your .dbr files are not there you need to select your mod from File-Select Mod


Let's set the actions to take after player kills simon.

  1. Click the Actions tab of our Kill Creature X trigger and create a new action
  2. Select Give Token X
  3. Open the Tokens file, select killedsimon and click ok.
  4. Add another action here. Use Add Journal Entry in Region #N and edit the fields as follows:
    • DoComplete=False
    • DoSound=True
    • FullTextTag=taga1q1text2
    • LocationTag=taga1q1location
    • RegionNumber=1
    • TitleTag=taga1q1title


  5. Add another action.
  6. Select Illuminate X as Primary and use our a1q1npcamy in the Npc field.
  7. Add another action.
  8. Select Update X's Dialog to X and use a1q1npcamy for the npc and a1q1dialog2 for the dialogpak.

  9. In the next step add two conditions as follows: Owns Token killedsimon and On Interact with a1q1npcamy.

  10. Add a new action for this trigger
  11. Select Give Player X X X Experience and fill in the following fields:
    • ExperienceEpic = 3000
    • ExperienceLegendary = 4000
    • ExperienceNormal = 2000


  12. Add another action here
  13. Select Add Jornal Entry in Region #N and change the following fields:
    • DoComplete = True
    • FullTextTag = taga1q1text3
    • LocationTag = taga1q1location
    • TitleTag = taga1q1title


  14. Add another set of actions:
    • Remove Token killedsimon
    • Give Token q1complete
    • Illuminate X as Primary and change the fields as follows:
      • Npc = records/a1scrollinstut/a1q1npcamy.dbr
      • Type = 2
    This quest step should now look like this:

One more step and we are done.

  1. In your final quest step create a new condition Owns Token q1complete.
  2. Create another condition On Interact with a1q1npcamy
  3. Create a action Update a1q1npcamy's Dialog to a1q1dialog3
  4. Lastly go back to the first step and add the condition Not Owns Token q1complete. (Owns Token X then change the Not field to true)
    Your quest steps should now look as follows:

  5. Save your quest and close the Quest Editor

Finalizing and Testing

  1. Open the World Editor
  2. Add a hallway and another room
  3. Move our monster simon to the next room

  4. Switch to Layout mode and click build- rebuild all pathing and then build- rebuild all maps.
  5. click File- Save All and close the World Editor
  6. Open the Art Manager
  7. Select your mod A1, find your tokens file in source.
  8. Right click and auto create assets.
  9. Do this for your quest file and other source files.
  10. Click Build- Build to build everything

You should have a working side quest.
If anything goes wrong open the quest editor and check back that your triggers and fields are correct. Also by small chance Simon can spawn with a life leach weapon if he does and you are using a level 1 character you might not be able to kill him.

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