Gargantuan Yeti

The Gargantuan Yeti is a Yeti and a minor boss monster encountered in the Tsongmo Ice Caverns in the Orient (Act III). He's part of the side quest A Gargantuan Yeti given in Shangshung Village and defeating him also completes this quest, netting you an additional 20 000 experience points.

His lair won't be sealed for the duration of the battle and it even offers some space to run around, making hit and run strategies and even escapes possible.


The default attack is a smack from one of his arms.

  • Freezing Breath: Freezes for a short duration and deals some Frostburn Damage.
  • Ice Blast: Throws some Ice Shards in all direction dealing a lot of Pierce and Cold Damage.

Resistances: 100% Freeze, 50% Cold, 50% Stun

Just like normal Yetis, he can drop the Yeti Fur monster charm with increased chance.


Important Resistances:

  • Cold Resistance: This reduces the damaging effect of the ice projectiles and his cold breath.
  • Freeze Duration Reduction: While not an actual resistance, this reduces the duration of the freezing effect and is required usually only by melee fighters. However, items with such an affix are quite rare to find and difficult to come by.

The Gargantuan Yeti is a moderately strong but fast melee attacker, however, he moves very slow. Ranged fighters, casters and pet masters can easily outrun him and avoid his cold attacks.

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