Fumble is a control which prevents the target from performing good attacks or casting well Skills during its duration. Although there are two types of fumble: melee and projectile fumble - Fumble, and projectile fumble - Impaired Aim.

Thus Fumble affects every attack (melee attacks will just miss target, like being dodged) while Impaired Aim only affects arrows, throwing weapons and magical projectiles. Only the projectiles targeting an ennemy will be thrown in random directions, thus you can still hit another target. For projectile bursts such as Ternion or Volley, each projectile trajectory will be randomly modified independently to the others.

Skills that inflict Fumble

Skills that inflict Impaired Aim

Bosses who inflict Fumble

  • Chimera (skill 'Death Ring', 10-100%, 4 seconds)
  • Dragon Liche (skill 'Buffeting Wings', 100%, 7-9 seconds)
  • Lernean Hydra (skill 'Poison Breath', 85%, 8 seconds)
  • Manticore (skill 'Poison Quills', 75%, 3 seconds)

Bosses who inflict Impaired Aim

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