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Iairos and Phaedrus

Leonidas and Ariston

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). There is a festival being prepared in Corinth to celebrate the allied greek victory over the monsters. Representatives from all over the country are in the city and may be interested in hearing about your adventures on Olympus and in Hades. Have a look around and talk to them.


  1. Just leave the temple at the start of Act V to receive this quest. You will also receive it if you talk to Iairos in the temple.
  2. Talk to Leonidas south of the Portal, Phaedrus near the northwestern gate and Ariston on the east side of the city center. As soon as you have talked to all three of them, the quest completes.

Note: When you talk to Ariston you will receive the first main quest of Act V, Troubles of a New Age. You have to do this side quest to start the main quest. It is impossible to go through the gates without it.


  • 20k / 50k / 140k Experience (normal / epic / legendary)