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The Fayum Oasis is a small trading post located within the Fayum Desert in Egypt (Act II). It consists of a couple of huts build around a watering hole and surrounded by a wall. There are three entrances. There's a Portal, a Rebirth Fountain and a trader to the northern part. You will also be given the two side quests Caravan Woes and A Hidden Treasure here, both of which can be completed in the surrounding Fayum Desert.



  • Pa-neb is an Elder found in the north-western part of the settlement. Talking to him starts the side quest Caravan Woes. Once you defeated Iznu - Dune Raider Chieftain, who lurks in a Dune Raider camp to the north, report back to Pa-neb to get the reward.
  • Menemnakht is a caravan trader who lost his caravan to the Dune Raiders. Talling to him updates the Caravan Woes side quest. He doesn't care about his caravan, but wants revenge.
  • Asri stands nearby the western gate and talking to him starts the side quest A Hidden Treasure. The treasure is found in a tomb to the north, beyond the Dune Raiders camp. Finding the treasure chamber completes the quest.
  • Sennemet is a villager standing left of the watering hole. He tells you about the nightly attack on the Temple of Osiris and also of another 'fabled' temple somewhere out in the desert.
  • Weni is a villager standing at the south-eastern gate of the village. He'll give you some information about Fayum.
  • A'o-pekhty is the local storyteller, standing in the eastern part. He tells you about the battle between the two kingdoms of Horus and his uncle Set.
  • Horemheb - Local Trader
  • Qenna is a member of the Order of Prometheus standing next to the ruins of the Temple of Osiris, south-west of the Oasis. He will tell you about what has happened there.

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