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The Fayum Desert is a desert region in Egypt (Act II). Within it lies the Fayum Oasis, where you can find the fifth Portal, a Rebirth Fountain and a trader as well as two side quests. You enter the Fayum Desert either from the western Canyon of Isis (if you took the Gate of the Palm back in Memphis Plaza), or from a cave to the south, leading here from the Giza Plateau.

To the north-east of the Fayum Desert lies the Temple of Atum, where you will have to fight the Scorpos boss Nehebkau in order to retrieve the Eye of Chaos, one of the two quest items requested by Imhotep back in Memphis. The passage to the temple is guarded by a few Scorpos.

The Fayum Desert is a good place to farm various types of Charms, including Hag's Skin, Diseased Plumage and Lupine Claw. You can also access two caves from here, the Fayum Passage and the Sandswept Cave, where additional monster charms can be found, including Vile Ichor, Rigid Carapace and Venom Sac.


There are several other points of interest here:

  • The Fayum Oasis lies within the central southern area.
  • The passage to the west leads to the Canyon of Isis (and from there to Memphis). If you took the Gate of the Palm back in Memphis Plaza, this is where you enter the Fayum Desert.
  • To the south-west you'll find the ruins of the Temple of Osiris. Qenna, a member of the Order of Prometheus, stands nearby the ruins and tells you, that the Temple has been destroyed by the Telkine.
  • To the south you'll find the Fayum Passage, a cave which leads to the Giza Plateau. If you haven't obtained the Hand of Balance from there yet, you might want to take this route, after recovering the Eye of Chaos from Fayum.
  • To the south east you'll find the Sandswept Cave, a rather large cave holding lots of treasures and monsters. The cave is optional and not part of any quest.
  • To the north you'll find a larger Jackalman encampment. There is also a tomb nearby, which is the target location of the A Hidden Treasure side quest received in the Fayum Oasis.
  • North of the oasis is also a Dune Raider encampment, where you will find Iznu - Dune Raider Chieftain, whose death is requested by the Caravan Woes side quest, also received in the Fayum Oasis.


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