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Eurynomus are a monsters in Titan Quest, found in caves and tombs in Greece (Act I), Egypt (Act II) and North (Act V). They are demons and are usually gathered around a Bone Pile.

Monster Charm: may drop a Demon's Blood fragment.


  • Bonepicker, light green or brownish green in color. Can be found in Greek caves and tombs. Weak close combat fighter, who attacks with his claws.
  • Corpse Monger (Champion), brown in color and a bit larger than Bonepickers. Can be found in Greek caves and tombs. Acts like Bonepickers in all aspects, but has slightly higher damage.
  • Flesh Eater (red or purple), found in Egyptian tombs.
  • Lifethirster (black), found in Egyptian tombs.
  • Bodyfeaster (blue), found in caves of The North.


Pandarus, Thieving Eurynomus


★ Mind Raker


  • In Greek mythology, Eurynomos (/jʊəˈrɪnəməs/; Greek Εὐρύνομος; Latin Eurynomus) was the netherworld daimon (spirit) of rotting corpses dwelling in the Underworld. ( Wikipedia )