An equipment record contains the following variables:

Shield Config (Shields only)Edit

defensiveBlockChance(floating point numeral)Chance in per cent to block an enemy attack
defensiveBlock(floating point numeral)How many hit points are blocked
blockAbsorption(floating point numeral)(?)
blockRecoveryTime(floating point numeral)Time until the player can block again

===Shield Sound (Shields only)===5000%

blockSound (dbr of type SoundPak) The sound heard on blocking successfully with this shield

Weapon Parameters (weapons and shields only)Edit

These are for the appearance of the weapon or shield in a fight:5000%

hitSound(dbr of type SoundPak)The sound the weapon or shield makes when hitting a monster
swipeSound(dbr of type SoundPak)The sound it makes when missing
weaponTrail(dbr of type Effect)For the glowing trail of the weapon when swung

Armor Parameters (except for weapons and shields)Edit

This describes the aspect of the armor in-game

Contains 6 groups of three parameters each:5000%

armorGenderMesh(msh file)the mesh of the armor if worn by someone of gender Gender, (or if not worn in the case of Gender=Native)
armorGenderBaseTexture(tex file)how the mesh is painted
armorGenderBumpTexture(tex file)how the mesh is painted

Where Gender may be Male, Female, Native, Satyr, JackalMan, and Tigerman.

Armor Sound (except for weapons and shields)Edit

blockSound(dbr of Type SoundPak)(? Sound played when armor withstands blow?)
impactSound(dbr of type SoundPak)(? Sound played when PC is hit in spite of armor?)

Item ParametersEdit

These are mostly for the inventory

itemNameTag(tag)Tag of the generic or unique name of the equipment item
itemQualityTag(tag)Tag of a qualifier such as (copper) or (iron) to be affixed to the name. Will be added in brackets to the name in the inventory and when gathering items using the 'Alt' key.
bitmap(tex file)Bitmap to be used in the inventory
bitmapFemale(tex file)To be used in the inventory of female players instead, if the item looks different used by females
attributeScalePercent(floating point numeral)(?)
itemSetName(dbr of type set)the set this item belongs to, if any
itemCostName(dbr)used for rare and unique items instead of setting a merchant price under itemCost
hidePrefixName(boolean)used to show/hide prefix name in the item name (for magic and rare items as well as uniques which can have affixes like Black Pearl Pendant)
hideSuffixName(boolean)used to show/hide suffix name in the item name (for magic and rare items as well as uniques which can have affixes like Black Pearl Pendant)
itemText(tag)Tag of a description, will be displayed just under the name in the inventory.
itemClassificationString, from picklist)For the inventory colour of the item. May be Common (white), Magic (yellow), Rare (green), Epic (blue), Legendary (purple), or Quest (also purple)
dropSound(dbr of type SoundPak)To be heard when the item is dropped
dropSound3D(dbr of type SoundPak)(?)
dropSoundWater(dbr of type SoundPak)Splash to be heard if the item drops into water
itemCost(integer)Merchant price
itemCostScalePercent(floating point numeral)(?) Range of possible merchant prices??
itemLevel(integer)Level of the item
cannotPickUpMultiple(boolean)whether the player may keep only one of these items at a time

Item RequirementsEdit

Conditions the player must meet before the item can be equipped.

They include strengthRequirement, dexterityRequirement, IntelligenceRequirement and levelRequirement (integers).

Actor VariablesEdit

For the appearance of the item in the game world (see Actor Variables)

Racial BonusEdit

Some equipment items grant a bonus against certain monsters, for instance the undead. This is coded here.

racialBonusRace(array of tags)Tags of monster races (There are six possible races: Beasts, Beastmen, Insects, Undead, Demons, Titans). The monsters to be affected must have one of those tags set as their characterRacialProfile
racialBonusPercentDamage(array of floating point numerals)Bonus damage, in percent, against the above races. For instance, ' 20% damage against undead' will be displayed in the inventory.
racialBonusAbsoluteDamage(array of floating point numerals)Bonus damage, but in hit points. For instance, ' 20 damage against undead' will be displayed in the inventory.
racialBonusPercentDefense(array of floating point numerals)Bonus on damage resistance, in percent, when the item is equipped in a fight against the races entered above
racialBonusAbsoluteDefense(array of floating point numerals)Number of damage points prevented on each hit by the races entered above, when the item is equipped

Skill AugmentEdit

Some weapons give a bonus on skill levels. This is coded here. Further boni on skills are coded under Skill Parameters.

augmentSkillName1(dbr of type skill)First skill to be enhanced
augmentSkillLevel1(integer)by how much it will be enhanced
augmentSkillName2(dbr of type skill)Second skill to be enhanced
augmentSkillLevel2(integer)by how much
augmentMasteryName1(dbr of type mastery)First mastery the skills of which will all be enhanced
augmentMasteryLevel1(integer)by how much
augmentMasteryName2(dbr of type mastery)Second mastery the skills of which will all be enhanced
augmentMasteryLevel2(integer)by how much
augmentAllLevel(integer)By how much all skills of the PC are enhanced
itemSkillName(dbr of type skill)A skill the item transfers on the PC regardless of his masteries
itemSkillLevel(integer)Level of that skill to be given to the PC

Fairytale messagebox info Almost all following variables are arrays. For a single item, the arrays hold just a single value. But sets use the same properties, and the stepping-up of set boni is managed by arrays of values, one for each number of set items worn.

Offensive ParametersEdit

Here are any boni the item gives on the player's attacks:5000%

Offensive GlobalEdit

offensiveGlobalChance(array of floating point numerals)(?)
level 1

Offensive AbsoluteEdit

The offensive boni are of several types. They are manged by at least five, in most cases seven variables to each type:

offensiveTypeMin(array of floating point numerals)minimal bonus damage5000%
offensiveTypeMax(array of floating point numerals)maximal bonus damage5000%
offensiveTypeChance(array of floating point numerals)chance to do bonus5000% damage5000%
offensiveTypeXOr(boolean)of all boni marked 'true' here, just one will 5000% materialize
In some cases, if you do not want absolute, but relative damage bonus, you can use instead:5000%
offensiveTypeModifier(array of floating point numerals)Used istead of min and max, Enhancement of damage in per cent5000%
offensiveTypeModifierChance(array of floating point numerals)Used instead of Chance, chance to do enhanced bonus damage5000%
In the case of mana burn, instead of the modifier variables you get:5000%
offensiveManaBurnDamageRatio(array of floating point numerals)how much of the stolen mana will do damage (burn)5000%
offensiveManaBurnRatioAdder(array of floating point numerals)additional percentual mana burn5000%
offensiveManaBurnRatioAdderChance(array of floating point numerals)chance for additional mana burn5000%

Possible values for Type
.dbr SubheadingValues of TypePer cent Modifier availableUse
Item Base DamageBaseCold
nofixed damage boni
Offensive PhysicalPhysicalyesbase damage of the weapon5000%
Offensive Pierce RatioPierceRatioyeschance to pierce armor5000%
Offensive PiercePierceyesadditional piercing chance5000%
Offensive ColdColdyesadditional cold damage5000%
Offensive FireFireyesadditional fire damage5000%
Offensive PoisonPoisonyesadditional poison damage5000%
Offensive LightningLightningyesadditional lightning damage5000%
Offensive LifeLifeyesadditional life point damage5000%
Offensive Percent Current LifePercentCurrentLifenohp damage relative to monster's strength, good against bosses
Offensive Mana BurnManaBurnno, special casesteal mana, with chance to burn monster by it
Offensive DisruptionDisruptionnostop monster using skills, values in seconds
Offensive Life LeachLifeLeachnotake HP from monster, add to your own
Offensive ElementalElementalyeselemental damage 5000%

Offensive DurationEdit

These are damage effects over time. In addition to the variables in Offensive Absolute, they get the extra variables

offensiveTypeDurationMin(array of floating point numerals)minimal duration of the effect, in seconds
offensiveTypeDurationMax(array of floating point numerals)maximal duration of the effect, in seconds

Possible values for Type
.dbr SubheadingValues of TypePer cent Modifier availableUse
Offensive Slow PhysicalSlowPhysicalyesphysical damage over time
Offensive Slow BleedSlowBleedyesdito, with bleeding graphic effect
Offensive Slow ColdSlowColdyesadditional cold damage over time
Offensive Slow FireSlowFireyesadditional fire damage over time
Offensive Slow PoisonSlowPoisonyesadditional poison damage over time
Offensive Slow LightningSlowLightningyesadditional lightning damage over time
Offensive Slow LifeSlowLifeyesadditional life point damage over time
Offensive Slow Total SpeedSlowTotalSpeednoslow all actions of the monster
Offensive Slow Attack SpeedSlowAttackSpeedyesslow attacks of the monster
Offensive Slow Run SpeedSlowRunSpeedyesslow movement of the monster
Offensive Slow Life LeachSlowLifeLeachyestake HP from monster, add to your own, over time
Offensive Slow Mana LeachSlowManaLeachyestake MP from monster, dito
Offensive Slow Offensive AbilitySlowOffensiveAbilityyes(?)
Offensive Slow Defensive AbilitySlowDefensiveAbilityyes(?)
Offensive Slow Offensive ReductionSlowOffensiveReductionyes(?)
Offensive Slow Defensive ReductionSlowDefensiveReductionyes(?)
Total Damage Reduction PercentTotalDamageReductionPercentnomonster will do less damage for a time
Total Damage Reduction AbsoluteTotalDamageReductionAbsolutenodito, absolute values
Total Damage Resistance PercentTotalDamageResistancePercentnomonster will have less resistance for a time
Total Damage Resistance AbsoluteTotalDamageResistanceAbsolutenodito, absolute values
Offensive FumbleOffensiveFumblenomakes monster miss its melee attack
Projectile FumbleProjectileFumblenomakes monster miss its ranged attack

Offensive InfluenceEdit

Special Effects of the item on the enemy monster, such as fear or confusion.

Possible values for Type
.dbr SubheadingValues of TypePer cent Modifier availableUse
ConvertConvertnoMake monster fight on your side
TauntTauntnoMake monster attack you instead of others
FearFearnoMake monster afraid
ConfusionConfusionnoConfuse monster
TrapTrapnoMonster can not move
FreezeFreezenoMonster is slowed down by freezing
PetrifyPetrifynoMonster is turned to stone
StunStunyesMonster is stunned

Offensive BonusEdit

BonusPhysical is yet another possible Type. Per cent Modifier available.

Retaliation ParametersEdit

Here are boni the item grants on retaliation of attacks:

The property names begin with retaliation instead of offensive. Apart form that, the data are organized similarly to the offensive boni

Possible values of Type are:

Retaliation AbsoluteEdit

Physical, Pierce Ratio, Pierce, Fire, Cold, Poison, Lightning, Life, Stun, Percent Current Life, Elemental

Retaliation DurationEdit

Slow Physical, Slow Bleeding, Slow Cold, Slow Fire, Slow Poison, Slow Lightning, Slow Attack Speed, Slow Run Speed, Slow Life Leach, Slow Mana Leach, Slow Offensive Ability, Slow Defensive Ability, Slow Offensive Reduction.

Defensive ParametersEdit

Here are boni the item grants on the player's defense:

Defensive AbsoluteEdit

Defensive SpecialEdit

Defensive MiscEdit

Defensive InfluenceEdit

Monster DefenseEdit

Character ParametersEdit

Here are boni the player gets outside of combat actions, when the item is equipped:

Character Base AttributesEdit

(used with weapons)

characterBaseAttackSpeed(floating point numeral)Attack speed using the weapon
characterBaseAttackSpeedTag(tag)For displaying the attack speed class in the inventory

Character Bonus AttributesEdit

characterStrength(array of floating point numerals)Absolute increase in strength
characterDextertity(array of floating point numerals)Absolute increase in dexterity
characterIntelligence(array of floating point numerals)Absolute increase in intelligence
characterLife(array of floating point numerals)Absolute increase in hit points
characterMana(array of floating point numerals)Absolute increase in mana points
characterStrengthModifier(array of floating point numerals)Procentual increase in strength
characterDextertityModifier(array of floating point numerals)Procentual increase in dexterity
characterIntelligenceModifier(array of floating point numerals)Procentual increase in intelligence
characterLifeModifier(array of floating point numerals)Procentual increase in hit points
characterManaModifier(array of floating point numerals)Procentual increase in mana points
characterIncreasedExperience(array of floating point numerals)Procentual increase in experience gain

====Character Speed====5000%

Character RegenerationEdit

====Character Ability====5000%

Character ReserveEdit

Requirement ReductionEdit

Skill ParametersEdit

For Skill level enhancement, see Skill Augment. Here are other boni the item may give on skills

Skill ReductionEdit

The item may reduce the mana costs of skills, or make a skill available more often:

Projectile BonusEdit

Skills using projectiles may be enhanced:5000%

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