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Four Bandit Highwaymen and a Brute

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Criminals and followers of gods opposing the hero. They first appear in The North (Act V), on the road outside Corinth.



All bandits, except maybe Sciron, have the Stone Form defensive / self heal skill.

  • Brute - thrower
  • Highwayman - standard melee fighter
  • Marksman - archer
  • Ringleader - melee fighter, champion monster, can buff himself and his group with a horn skill with a green effect
  • Hades Priest - caster, champion monster, lightning ranged attack. Why do these people have any power? Hades is dead...


Robbers have a self-heal spell that gives them a heal over time effect (green circle around their feet).

  • Brute - thrower
  • Herbalist -
  • Nimblefinger - archer
  • Rogue Druid - spellcaster, lightning standard attack, lightning strike special attack, group healing spell
  • Tenderfoot - thrower
  • Boss -

Raven Warriors

  • Captain - has the Battle Standard skill
  • Marksman - archer
  • Skirmisher - thrower
  • Vanguard - melee fighter
  • Seidr - spellcaster, can buff single allies

Cult of Nerthus Followers


  • Battleborn (Champion) - Melee fighter, has the Battle Standard skill and a temporary buff he casts on all nearby allies simultaneously
  • Jarl (Champion) - Thrower
  • Warrior (Champion) - Melee fighter, has a horn skill

Asgardian Guards

All enemies in Asgard have the Magical attribute.

  • Alfheim Warrior (Champion) - archer, has some kind of small area ranged attack that looks like a ray of light shining down from the sky
  • Mage
  • Thrower
  • Warrior - Melee Fighter


Krakonos - Cultist Hero
Sciron, Bandit Lord (quest boss)