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Empusa model

Empusa (pl. Empusae, from Ancient Greek έμπουςα, έμπουςαι) is a Demon who can be found in numbers in demolished towns, ruins of Hades (Act IV) and in Hades' Palace.

They always attack with elemental magic from far away, but are not excessively fast or resistant. However, all of them have a special elemental attack which can be very dangerous, especially the Soul Carver's. A Soul Carver hero is fought near the end of Paseron ruins as a boss for a quest, while four other heroes (each for every element) are found scattered in different places of Hades, each of them holding an elemental crystal which is required to open Hades' Treasure Chamber.


  • Frost Reaver. Attacks with ice magic, can toss an icy sphere that freezes the enemy for several seconds, leaving him vulnerable to other attacks.
  • Pyromancer. Attacks with fire magic, can toss a larger, explosive fireball which burns the player.
  • Soul Carver. The most dangerous type, attacks with Leech magic and will occasionally summon a wide circle of teal energy that will deplete the hero's Health and burn Energy at a tremenduos rate and even take his life nearly istantly if he does not have a strong resistance.
  • Venomancer. Attacks with poison magic, can summon a viral cloud which lasts for a few seconds and deals continuous Poison Damage to the hero.


Helike, Dark Temptress


Unique Equipment

Occasionally Empusae will drop wizard equipment. Special rare items include a unique staff which can cast all the elemental attacks casually.


Recommended protection: