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Elemental Damage is a special type of damage in Titan Quest, combining Fire Damage, Lightning Damage and Cold Damage.

Direct Elemental Damage (e.g. "+15 Elemental Damage") is dealt 1/3 Fire, 1/3 Lightning and 1/3 Cold Damage (in the example: "5 Fire Damage, 5 Lightning Damage, 5 Cold Damage"). Each of the damage types is resisted by its corresponding resistance.

Percent Elemental Damage (e.g. "+10% Elemental Damage") is applied to each of the elemental damage types (in the example: "+10% Fire Damage, +10% Lightning Damage, +10% Cold Damage") and also increase potency of all Elemental Damage over Time effects.

Armor has no effect on Elemental damage, only resistances help against it.


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