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Playing with a few beastmen in Egypt

Egypt is the second location (Act II) of Titan Quest.


Following the Hero's victory against the Telkine of Greece, it is discovered that the Conduit between mankind and the gods has been destroyed. The Order of Prometheus sends the Hero to Egypt to seek out Imhotep, a mage powerful enough to restore the lost contact between mankind and the gods.



Lower Nile





After Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings


After leaving Greece behind, you arrive in the harbor City of Rhakotis, which is already besieged by monsters. At the pier you will meet Imhotep, a sage of the Order of Prometheus. He tells you of an ancient invocation ceremony that allows people to communicate with the gods - depite the conduit being destroyed. However, in order to do the ceremony, he requires the Scroll of Invocation found in the Rhakotis Library, where you will go first by fighting your way through the Rhakotis Slums.

After you have recovered the scroll from the library vault, you'll travel through the monster-infested deserts and floodplains to find the Temple of Ptah near the Village of Sais, where Imhotep originally planned to perform the ceremony. However, when you arrive, you will find the temple in ruins, recently destroyed by yet another Telkine. Imhotep has managed to flee to nearby Memphis, where you are supposed to go now by travelling along the Lower Nile region.

In Memphis you will meet Imhotep again. When reading the Scroll of Invocation, he realizes, that two artifacts are required to perform the ritual - the Hand of Balance, which is found in Giza, and the Eye of Chaos, which can be retrieved near the Fayum Oasis. You can go either way first, but will have to visit both locations. In the Fayum Desert you'll also find another temple destroyed by the Telkine.

After you have retrieved both items from the deserts, return to Imhotep. Out of these artifacts he will forge the Scepter of Eternity, which he uses to perform the ceremony - and fails. However, he suddenly realizes, that the Telkine must be searching for something under the protection of the Order of Prometheus, and there's just one site left unttouched by the Telkine - the legendary Valley of the Kings near the city of Thebes, where many Pharaoh's and Noblemen of Egypt lay buried. Within the Tomb of Ramses you will finally find and fight the Telkine, Aktaios.

However, as you return to Thebes, you will find Imhotep already waiting there for you. He has reports of another Telkine currently attacking Babylon, and handing him the Cuneiform Tablet, an artifact you received from the Telkine, will also make him realize what it is the Telkine seeks - the Sickle of Kronos, an artifact capable of killing the gods.

Imhotep also tells you, the fastest way to get to Babylon is an ancient Portal to Babylon located within the Temple of Hatshepsut, the final location visited in Egypt.


As you travel to Egypt, a whole bunch of new monsters awaits you. Compared to Greece, you will face less Beast and Beastman (Hunting characters will have a slightly harder time), but more Demons and *a lot* more Insectoid lurking in the deserts and tombs of Egypt.

Common enemies in early Egypt are Jackalman (somewhat similar to the Ratman back in Greece), minor insects like Scorpions and beasts like Diseased Vultures and Desert Hags. As you progress, you will face stronger monsters like the humanoid Scorpos and undead spellcasters using the Deathchill Aura.

Important elemental resistances to have are both Fire and Poison, as they are dealt by a variety of monsters throughout Egypt. On the other hand, cold and lightning damage are only dealt by spellcasters.

An overview of the monsters encountered in Egypt can be found here: → Monsters in Egypt


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