Effigy of the Panther
Effigy of the Panther
Vital statistics
Type Lesser Artifact
Effects +15% Poison Damage

15% Phisycal Resistance

6% Elemental Resistance

40% Skill Disruption Protection

+15% Attack Speed

-15% Dexterity Requirement for all Weapons

-15% Dexterity Requirement for Armor

Reqired Reagents Incarnation of the Monkey King's Trickery

Legendary Boar Hide

Incarnation of the Cunning of Odysseus

Completion Bonus None
Gold Cost 500 000
Required Level 45

Items > Artifacts > Effigy of the Panther

The Effigy of the Panther is a Lesser Artifact, which can be created at an Enchanter, using an Arcane Formula (requires expansion Titan Quest: Immortal Throne).

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