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Items > Artifact > Dvalin's Simulacrum

Name Dvalinn's Simulacrum
Type Greater Artifact
Cost to craft
Selling price
Required Level: 35

Dvalin's Simulacrum is a Greater Artifact introduced in the Ragnarok expansion


  • Golden Belt ~ Lesser Artifact
    • Essence of the Golden Fleece ~ Completed Normal Relic
    • Essence of the Light of Belenus ~ Completed Normal Relic
    • Essence of Sigurd's Courage ~ Complete Normal Relic
    • 90,000 Gold
  • Wraithguard ~ Lesser Artifact
    • Essence of Archimedes' Mirror ~ Completed Normal Relic
    • Bat Fang ~ Completed Monster Charm
    • Scroll of the Ice Nova ~ Equipment
    • 75,000 Gold
  • Golem Heart ~ Completed Monster Charm


  • Required Player Level 35
  • Grants Skill: Dvalinn's Simulacrum (Activated on attack)
    • 6.0 Second(s) Recharge
    • Doppelganger Attributes:
      • Life Time 20.0 Second(s)
      • 3,840 Health
      • 1,920 Energy
    • Doppelganger Abilities:
      • 384-480 Damage
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