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From left to right, top to bottom: Pillager, Mounted Marauder, Assassin, Sand Viper

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Dune Raiders are demon creatures found in several desert regions of Egypt (Act II). They generally have low health, but are fast and can be troublesome in numbers - especially when accompanied by some sort of mounted Dune Raider. Many of their basic attacks and skills deal Fire Damage, so if one has trouble fighting them, boosting Fire.png Fire Resistance might be a good idea.

Dune Raiders use special armor and can drop rare items with the affix Windswept.

Locations: Wadjet Canyons, Memphis Outskirts, Fayum Desert, Place of Truth.


  • Sand Viper. The Dune Raiders' basic melee fighters, wielding some sort of fire-enchanted weapon. Sand Vipers never wear armor.
  • Assassin (Champion). Dual-wielding melee attackers, usually wrapped in a red Dune Raider's Harness and occasionally wearing bracers and greaves. Before engaging in melee, they often fling a number of throwing knives at the hero and his minions.
  • Mounted Marauder (Champion). Melee attackers riding Hyena Beasts and wielding a spear. They are often found inbetween a group of Hyena Beasts and have an aura skill, which buffs health regeneration of nearby creatures. They also use two skills from the Hunting Mastery: at range they use Ensnare.png Ensnare to trap the unlucky hero in place, in melee they occassionally use Take_Down Take Down (upgraded with Eviscerate.png Eviscerate) to reduce health and inflict bleeding damage.
  • Pillager (Champion). Ranged attackers riding Hyena Beasts and wearing special Dune Raider's Pack armor. Before they attack with flame-enchanted arrows, they often lob a fire bomb at the hero, which covers a small area in flames. They also frequently cast flame strike, which causes several projectiles to fall from the sky and deal moderate fire and burn damage.


The Dune Raider heroes are all based on the Pillager and use the same skills.

★ Akil the Shadowborn ~ Dune Raider Hero
Badru the Mad - Dune Raider Hero
★ Jabari Lin, the Crimson Viper ~ Dune Raider Hero
Najja the Parched - Dune Raider Hero
The Faceless One - Dune Raider Hero


Iznu - Dune Raider Chieftain (quest monster from the Caravan Woes side quest)

Special and Rare items

Dune Raiders get to wear their own special armor. Special rare items have the affix Windswept.